Wednesday, October 22, 2008

2008-2009 Best Uncommitted

It's time to take a look at MY list of the best players who have yet to make a college commitment. I am going to keep it to a limit of 2-3 per team so the list doesn't become too long. And with that, here we go:

Dean Chelios (Cedar Rapids) - Dean wasn't very noticeable last season, but this season at the Fall Classic, he really stood out. He looks to have really developed playing in CR last season and could be a big factor for the Riders this year. 0-0--0.

Mike Seidel (Cedar Rapids) - Seidel has been one of the more consistent players in the entire league over the last two seasons, yet he has not made a college choice. He currently sits at 7 points in 5 games and is only 3 away from hitting the 100 point mark for his regular season career. 2-5--7.

Darren Rowe (Cedar Rapids) - I didn't know much about him before the Fall Classic, but he really caught my eye. Appeared to have excellent hands and was above average with the puck. A school will be lucky to get him. 0-2--2.

Matt Delaney (Chicago) - A very unknown, earned his way onto the Steel roster. Chicago's goaltending was questioned, but once I saw Delaney in action, I knew that he was ready for this level and would be a serviceable and dependable player for the Steel. 1-1-0, 3.50 GAA, 90.1%.

Alex Chiasson (Des Moines) - Alex is a highly touted player, and appears to be quickly adjusting to the USHL. Watch for this kid this season and I hope he keeps on the NCAA track. 2-2--4.

Matt Leitner (Fargo) - I thought Leitner was one of the best players on last year's Ohio squad. He has yet to make a commitment after a solid first year, so he makes it on my list now, and should have another solid year up north. 1-0--1.

Andy Taranto (Fargo) - Andy is a hard worker and a leader. He spent a few games with Omaha before heading to Ohio. He's a big kid that appears to be a good role player. 1-1--2.

Michael Forney (Green Bay) - Forney may head back to North Dakota after this season, but that appears to be uncertain. If Forney can stay healthy, he is easily one of the top players in the league. He recently set a record for quickest hat trick in a penalty marred game in Chicago. 3-4--7.

William Rapuzzi (Green Bay) - This rookie is tied with Forney for the points lead on Green Bay. He can put up the points and it looks like he is adjusting quite well to the USHL level. He may be a nice sleeper pick up for a school. 3-4--7.

Anthony Hayes (Green Bay) - Hayes is back for year 3, and this year he looks like he is ready to breakout. Has good speed and an excellent shot, should be a go to guy in Green Bay this year. 1-0--1.

Dan Cecka (Indiana) - I was very impressed with his game when I was able to catch Hill-Murray on FSN. He seemed to be all over and right in the middle of everything. I think he can be a quality player in the USHL if he is given the chance. 0-0--0.

Shane Berschbach (Indiana) - Very small, but very quick and can put up the points. Leads the Ice in points and is still a fresh 17 year old skater. He impresses me even more when I see he's listed as 135 pounds. 2-6--8.

Stanislav Galiev (Indiana) - One player that really stood out to me at the Fall Classic was Galiev. He's very young and raw, but possesses a ton of talent. I think he should have a decent first year, but I'd watch for him to be a huge player come next season, if not sooner. 2-2--4.

Brett Chartier (Lincoln) - I don't know how they do it, but Lincoln seems to always find a diamond in the rough in Manitoba. This year is no different, as they picked up Brett Chartier on advice from Jason Gregoire. Chartier appears to be the total package, as he can score, pass, and plays physical and isn't afraid to drop the gloves. 3-5--8.

Ross Henry (Lincoln) - One of the most underrated players in the entire league, Ross Henry is now in his 3rd season. He's not a flashy goal scorer, but he does his job well and plays a physical game. 1-1--2.

Chris Forfar (Lincoln) - Forfar is a kid I really enjoy watching. He's big and isn't afraid to get his nose dirty. He was a player I noticed 2 years ago at the Fall Classic, but just didn't do much in Waterloo. He broke out once he was traded to Lincoln and hasn't looked back. 2-3--5.

Ben Arnt (Omaha) - Arnt is now in his 3rd season, which surprises me. I liked what I saw from him during his rookie season, and he has only blossomed from there. The school that gets Arnt is going to be very happy with their decision. 1-2--3.

Ryan Daugherty (Omaha) - Daugherty blasted a goal in his season debut, and hasn't slowed down since. His return to the Lancers lineup seems to have energized everyone, as the team went on a 4 game win streak after his return. 2-1--3.

Jake Johnson (Sioux City) - Small, but very quick and has a knack for the net. Off to a great start and should get some serious looks this season. 4-1--5.

Donnie Hallmark (Sioux City) - Donnie used to be known as strictly a fighter. These days, that is still part of his repertoire, but he has emerged as an offensively gifted player for the Musketeers. Hallmark is also a great leader for Sioux City. 3-4--7.

Mitch Bruijsten (Sioux City) - Mitch plays a physical game, and it has gotten much better from last season. He just needs to keep up that style to go along with his excellent stick handling and scoring abilities. Mitch could be the first player from the Netherlands ever drafted into the NHL. 0-0--0.

Patrick Divjak (Sioux Falls) - A smaller player, but very dynamic. Caught lots of attention last season with his stellar play and had Sioux Falls fans anxiously waiting to see what he'd do next. 1-3--4.

Robbie Vrolyk (Sioux Falls) - Another small player, but he has developed into one of the best. Vrolyk should get plenty of offers this season. 3-1--4.

Eric Hartzell (Sioux Falls) - One of the top goalies last season, Hartzell returns to become that once again. Was off to a bad start at the Fall Classic, but the Sioux Falls offense appears to be top notch and he was able to steal a couple of victories. Once he gets into his zone, he should easily be one of the top goalies again this season. 3-1-0, 3.20 GAA, 88.8%.

Josh Berge (Tri-City) - Small and still quite young, but has some amazing offensive instincts. Should easily be one of the top guys on this Storm team and should follow his brother's footsteps and go to a WCHA school if he chooses. 0-4--4.

Diederick Hagemeijer (Tri-City) - Plays a big, physical game that gets the Storm fans on his side. Doesn't appear to have the greatest offensive ability, but that doesn't stop him from giving it his all every shift. 0-0--0.

Dan Sova (Waterloo) - I was impressed with his skills back at Sioux City's futures camp, and that hasn't changed. Sova is a big kid with lots of potential. 0-1--1.

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