Thursday, June 12, 2008

June Update

Team will come to Wausau if arena is built. A second article.

Q & A with Matt Thurber, Barry Almeida, and Mike Fink.

Greg Pateryn to enroll at Michigan; Won't play for Fargo.

Garrett Clarke opts for Q.

O'Handley, Blashill named to National Team coaching staff.

Check out Sixty Minutes. No Alibis. No Regrets. Blog. This blog covers Wisconsin hockey.

NHL has features on players in their Central Scouting rankings. I'll list some, though some aren't a whole lot.

John Carlson - Indiana

Corey Fienhage - Indiana

Adam Comrie - Ohio/Omaha

Nick Larson - Waterloo

Jimmy Hayes - Lincoln

Patrick Wiercioch - Omaha

Nate Condon - Fargo

Seth Soley - Omaha

Max Nicastro - Chicago

Justin Daniels - Sioux City

Mark Goggin - Chicago

Jack Downing - Omaha

Drew Daniels - Sioux City

Tyler Barnes - Waterloo

Steve Quailer - Sioux City

Jordan Samuels-Thomas - Waterloo

Chase Drake - Green Bay

Greg Pateryn - Ohio

Jared Festler - Lincoln

Jake Youso - Des Moines

Bryce Aneloski - Cedar Rapids

Jake Hendrickson - Sioux City

Joe Gleason - Des Moines

Steven Spinell - Ohio

Max Cook - Green Bay

Brock Montpetit - Waterloo

Drew LeBlanc - Chicago

Nick Pryor - Des Moines

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