Thursday, June 12, 2008

Crazy Weather

From severe storms to flooding to tornadoes, this season has been a crazy one for weather.

Hockey is a funny sport. Fans can dislike other teams or players can play like they dislike others from opposing teams, but they're all supporting/playing the same sport and they all have a love for it. They have much respect for each other and support each other in bad situations. I hope this can be a topic in which we, as hockey fans, can come together and comment/discuss/support all that is going on with the people affected by the weather.

I know this isn't really "hockey" related, but it involves cities and fans that support our great league, and I feel this post is necessary at this point. I have opened up the comments, so feel free to chat about this and share anything about it you'd like. This is not the time to comment on other topics or bash anyone or thing. Those comments will be removed immediately. I will also be posting some youtube video links and some pictures.

This is truly an awful time, thoughts and prayers go out to the people that have had to deal with this.

Cedar Rapids flood.

CNN article on the Cedar Rapids flood.

Various photo galleries of the CR flood.

Little Sioux tornado. Little Sioux is roughly the halfway point between Sioux City and Omaha.

Waterloo flood.

Kearney tornado damage.

John Meissner took some photos of the tornado damage here and here.

F-5 tornado in Parkersburg, IA destroys home. Parkersburg is located near Waterloo.

Parkersburg tornado caught on bank surveillance tape.

Aerial footage of Parkersburg.

Wisconsin flooding.

Wisconsin flood waters take entire house.

Millard (Omaha) tornado damage.

Photos courtesy of, and


Anonymous said...

Thoughts & prayers to all impacted....

Puckster said...

Thoughts and prayers for all those affected.

I had no idea Kearney was hit that badly.

I was watching the news of Cedar Rapids, and knew it was bad, but the pictures make it more real. Is the arena under water also? I would imagine if the ballfield has that much water the arena must have been flooded. Isn't that(ballfield) up slightly higher?

My sympathy goes out to all those affected. 2 of my favorite towns Kearney and Cedar Rapids, and then Waterloo also (not one of my favorite teams but I still feel bad for all the people).

Ryan said...

The first 6 photos are of Cedar Rapids. The next 3 are of the Waterloo Bucks baseball diamond. The next 4 are from in/around Young Arena, and the last one is from Cedar Rapids again. Poor cows :)

Anonymous said...

I keep all that is affected by this bizarre weather in my prayers and thoughts. Bless all those that have stepped up to the plate to help. God be with all.

Anonymous said...

Bad weather.

Anonymous said...

it must be from global warming. were all gonna die!

thoughts and prayers to all.

Anonymous said...

Thoughts and prayers to our Iowa friends!

We're so sorry for this devastation to your communities.

Anonymous said...

An absolute tragedy at the Boy Scout Camp near Little Sioux. My prayers for all the victims and injured scouts, and my admiration to the fellow scouts who so bravely administered emergency first aid to their fellow scouts. One of the victims, Ben Petrzilka was my kindergartener sons 7th grade buddy at Mary Our Queen School in Omaha. I never met Ben, but from what I know of him, he seemed to be bright, talented, polite, religious, and morally grounded young man. My heart aches for the parents and families that lost their sons in this incident. May God give these families grace and comfort in this incredibly difficult time.

Wahoo, NE

Anonymous said...

The Cedar Rapids arena as of now is fine, I believe. I saw on the news a few nights ago the resturant across from the arena and began to worry. But when I drove down there today they are using the parking lot for emergency and other important vehicles.

Those pictures from Cedar Rapids don't even begin to show all the devistation. I went down there today and was in pure awe (not in a good way), I couldn't believe all the water. And then seeing the diving team ready for action and watching them rescue someone from their house was a huge reality check..

Please keep everyone in your thoughts and prayers and help out in anyway you can (: Thanks.

Resident of Amana, Iowa

Anonymous said...

I can tell you that there are LOTS and LOTS of tired faces and tired people around Omaha due to the recent "all of the sudden" tornado in Millard last weekend. It was truly amazing that no one was seriously injured or killed. For those of you that do not know, Millard is a suburb of Omaha and at approx 2:30 in the morning, a tornado came out of no where. There was no warning because the conditions were not set for a tornado. The sirens went off but it was too late, the tornado already hit. Roofs were tore off, front of houses were tore off, top of a car wash.

I have never in my life seen anything like this and I hope to not see it again after this year. This weather is simply amazing and we all have to wonder why god does something like this when 4 innocent children have to die. The hockey community is a wonderful one and we all know that we can come together and help out all those in need.

The residents in and around Omaha and surrounding areas have been simply amazing by coming together and helping out those in need after the tornado hit in Little Sioux. That storm again, just blew up in Nebraska and moved over to Iowa. The bad thing is that it was a "rain wrapped" tornado so it was very hard to see and if it was not for a few guys outside looking at clouds and lightning, they would have never seen the wall cloud brewing.

It's just amazing what mother nature can do by totally destroying towns. God bless those who have been impacted and instead of all of us bickering about stuff, take time and remember that your life could be worse. You could be without a house, you could have lost family members. Life is precious so charish it.

iowaninja said...

Just went downtown in Cedar Rapids, words can't say what I felt like seeing it in person

Anonymous said...

From reading on CNN, the flooding in Cedar Rapids is getting worse and worse. Iowa Gov Chet Culvert said that the worse is still to come.

God help those in the path of destruction.

Jamie said...

Thoughts and Prayers to everyone effected!!!