Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Blog Updates

Just a few things...

First, the links on the right are now updated. You can find the 2008-09 protected lists, as well as the 2008 tryout camp rosters. I think I have all of them that have taken place so far (minus the Omaha all-star game) so everything should be up to date. I am still looking for a few camps that are coming up if anyone would be willing to send in rosters. The list will be below.

Second, I am going to be taking a break from the blog. I may pop in from time to time to put something new on the blog, but don't be expecting regular updates. I will also be turning off comments.

The list I am still looking for:
Fargo Open II
Waterloo I
Waterloo II
Waterloo III

If you can provide a roster for any of these camps (yes, I know some have not taken place just yet) please email me.

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