Friday, October 5, 2007

News and Notes

Lancers Loaded.

Waterloo futures pick, Tyler Barnes, has committed to the University of Wisconsin.

Cathedral's Schmidt Goes #1.

A fantastic exhibition, even for Festler.

Indiana's 1st round futures pick says he's staying in Stouffville.

Matt Farris becomes the first South Dakota native to play for the Stampede.

Ohio selects 7 players in USHL Futures Draft.

Regular season begins TONIGHT!


iowaninja said...

I feel bad for Jeff Wilde who was also the first South Dakota player to play for the Stampede in 2000-2001

Anonymous said...

Did he see any ice time other than the emergency backup?

iowaninja said...

He played 27 minutes of a game, made 7 saves on 7 shots. While not a lot he still did play for the Stampede and they did make a big deal of him doing so.

Anonymous said...

It's a toss up between GB and Wat for who made the dumbest moves with their rosters and you can throw DM in there. GB will struggle the most, coach is clueless when it comes to evaluating talent. Show me where he has won with his own talent?!

As for Kretzer he is a goal scorer. Just like another small forward from St. Louis, Davies now at WI, everyone keeps saying he is too small. Kretzer plays with a nasty edge that Davies didn't have, he probably is just a notch below talentwise but that mean streak helps offset some of that. Couple it with the heavyweight Champ in Bolig to protect him...go Ryan.