Thursday, October 4, 2007

News and Notes

Lancers "starving" for playoff success.

Fargo's roster begins to take shape.

Draft yields two top prospects for Ice.

Travis Morin (Chicago) and Marty Guerin (Omaha/Des Moines) have been assigned to the ECHL's South Carolina Stingrays.

USHL Entry Draft results via Excel.

Also, there will be a new feature this year. It will be certain stats for every team and it should be quite in depth. Here is a little preview.

Protected lists are updated, but I am missing quite a few Birth Years and Hometowns for some of the recently drafted players. If anyone is able to provide any information to help fill in the blanks, it would be greatly appreciated!


yeti said...

Did you read some of the reader comments re: the Indiana futures draft article? Typical myopic, ignorant Indiana hockey fans.

Here are a few of them:

"I miss the days of the IHL!!!!"

"Can you really be considered a top prospect when you are in the USHL?"

"Man, what a travesty the "Ice" have become. I practically lived at the fairgrounds back in the IHL days. Market Square behind the glass, and Conseco (a bit), too.
These so called "Ice" are a shadow of their former selves. USHL is like glorified high school hockey (if that good)."

Ryan said...

some people just fail to realize the quality of play in this league. Not much anyone can do, they have their minds made up and that's that.

With the attitude most Indy fans have (there are some who would support hockey there if it was pee wee or NHL) they won't attend USHL games and bitch about how there is no pro team. Is a pro team really going to jump at the chance to be in Indy if they see that the hockey team now isn't getting support?

Anonymous said...

I couldn't get the Omaha article to open, but if they are starving, what's GB? Emaciated? We haven't won a playoff game in the last five seasons...


Anonymous said...

i believe indy hates their team because of their owner.

iowaninja said...

Tigard, Oregon is the hometown of Kyle Singleton

Anonymous said...

the problem with indy hockey fans is that they dont care about the game or skill of the level

all they want is washed up hockey players that they can go out and drink beers with after a game

its sad.

Anonymous said...

Josh Myers hometown is Colorado Springs, CO