Thursday, October 25, 2007

Did Fargo Choose The Wrong Nickname?

It sounds like the choice of Fargo to choose the "Force" has gotten the attention of quite a few.

Here is a story from Mike Jacobs of In-Forum.

UND's effort to brand its athletic programs as "a force to be reckoned with" has run into another force boosters of a city upriver.Fargo's new hockey team, it turns out, will be called "The Fargo Force."The Fargo name clearly is derivative. UND began using "Force of the North" to describe its football teams two years ago. More recently, it's been used for all athletic programs.

"Force of the North" has been the primary identifier of these programs lately, the school's official nickname, "Fighting Sioux," having taken a subsidiary place in promotions. This has led to speculation that UND was trying out "Force of the North" as a replacement for its current nickname and mascot.

There is a Grand Forks blog out there that has a discussion going on as well.

It will definitely be interesting to see the reaction from the Fargo group.

A quick story I want to pass along about Cedar Rapids forward Tyler Thompson.


Anonymous said...

UND should spend more time worrying about trying to keep its Fighting Sioux nickname and not worry about the Fargo franchise. They've got bigger fish to fry with the NCAA.

Puckster said...

The "Force of the North" to replace the Fighting Sioux?

What on earth are they thinking up there in Grand Forks. The Fighting Sioux is one of the main things people think of when they think UND.

Let the Fargo team be the force, leave the Sioux the Sioux.

Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like a bout of Paranoia up in GF. For Pete's sake LET IT GO! There is no right (or left wing) wing conspiracy here.

Anonymous said...

UND ought to change their nickname to the Whiners because that's all their fans ever do.

Anonymous said...

Its up to the tribes to say whether UND can keep the Fighting Sioux or not (per the NCAA agreement that was just signed). UND will just throw a bunch of money to the Indians and things will work out.