Thursday, October 25, 2007

NHL Scouting Players To Watch

NHL CS released their players to watch list the other day. I will list all who have USHL ties.

"A" players are ones who they feel are good enough to be drafted in the 1st or 2nd rounds.

"B" players are ones who they feel are good enough to be drafted in the 3rd-5th rounds.

"C" players are ones who they feel are good enough to be drafted in the late rounds.

"A" Players:
John Carlson - Indiana.
Jared Festler - Lincoln.
Michael Fink - Waterloo.
Nick Larson - Waterloo.
Max Nicastro - Chicago.
Jordan Samuels-Thomas - Waterloo.
Patrick Wiercioch - Omaha.
Tyler Barnes - Waterloo futures.
David Carle - Tri-City futures.
Cory Fienhage - Indiana futures.
Jake Gardiner - Green Bay futures.
Aaron Ness - Sioux Falls futures.
Derek Stepan - Lincoln futures.
David Toews - Lincoln futures.
Nate Condon - Fargo futures.
Seth Soley - Green Bay futures.
Jimmy Hayes - Ohio futures.
Danny Kristo - Omaha futures.

"B" Players:
Greg Burke - Cedar Rapids futures pick.
Eric Ringel - Waterloo futures pick.
Barry Almeida - Omaha.
Mike Cichy - Tri-City.
Max Cook - Green Bay.
Patrick Cullen - Indiana.
Matt Donovan - Cedar Rapids.
Tim Hall - Ohio.
Austin Handley - Des Moines.
Tyler Kieffer - Lincoln.
Drew LeBlanc - Chicago.
Billy Maday - Waterloo.
Brock Montpetit - Waterloo.
Travis Oleksuk - Sioux City.
Greg Pateryn - Ohio.
Scott Pavelski - Waterloo.
Steve Quailer - Sioux City.
Craig Smith - Waterloo.
Steve Spinell - Ohio.
Tyler Thompson - Cedar Rapids.
Matt Thurber - Omaha.
Luke Witkowski - Ohio.
Jake Youso - Green Bay.
Aaron Crandall - Green Bay.
Brady Hjelle - Cedar Rapids.
Joe Howe - Waterloo.
Matt Hoyle - Indiana.
Ian O'Brien - Tri-City.
Josh Robinson - Sioux City.
Mark Goggin - Ohio futures.
Derrick Pallis - Chicago futures.
Torin Snyderman - Tri-City futures.
Joe Gleason - Omaha futures.
Justin Jokinen - Indiana futures.
Anders Lee - Green Bay futures.
John O'Neill - Green Bay futures.
Drew Olson - Omaha futures.
Charlie Raskob - Tri-City futures.
Rob Maloney - Des Moines futures.

"C" Players:
Richard Manley - Former Steel forward.
Jordan Tibbett - Former Lancer and Buccaneer goalie.
Bryce Aneloski - Cedar Rapids.
Mark Anthoine - Chicago.
Ross Henry - Lincoln.
Ryan McKiernan - Des Moines.
Christian Morissette - Green Bay.
Philippe Ringuette - Green Bay.
Keir Ross - Omaha.
Robert Shea - Green Bay.
Alex Tuckerman - Sioux City.
Brennan Vargas - Tri-City.
Eric Hartzell - Sioux Falls.
Nick Pisellini - Chicago.
Max Strang - Sioux Falls.
Pasquale Terrazzano - Ohio.
Kevin Nugent - Waterloo futures.
T.J. Massie - Chicago futures.
Tim Smith - Sioux Falls futures.


Anonymous said...

Drew LeBlanc was also a "B"

Ryan said...

LeBlanc is listed :)