Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday Game Recap

Indiana swept Green Bay out of the playoffs.

Indiana is on a roll since the coaching change. The attendance for this game was 913. That's way below what I would have thought would have been there, granted it is a Monday.

Monday's Three Stars:
1. John Kemp (Indiana) 2 goals, including the game winner.
2. Mike Embach (Indiana) 1 goal and 1 assist. Embach had the game tying goal.
3. Sergio Somma (Green Bay) 1 goal and 1 assist in a losing effort.

Overall Standings:
1. Richard Bachman (Cedar Rapids)-6
2. Bryan Hogan (Lincoln)-3
2. Dustin Gazley (Sioux City)-3
2. Jacob Cepis (Cedar Rapids)-3
2. Matt DiGiralamo (Waterloo)-3
2. Jerry Kuhn (Sioux City)-3
2. Drew Fisher (Sioux Falls)-3
2. Matt Lundin (Sioux Falls)-3
2. Rob Madore (Chicago)-3
2. Matt Godlewski (Chicago)-3
2. John Kemp (Indiana)-3
12. Derek Roehl (Ohio)-2
12. Drew Palmisano (Omaha)-2
12. Corson Cramer (Ohio)-2
12. Garrett Roe (Indiana)-2
12. Andy Miele (Chicago)-2
12. Mike Embach (Indiana)-2
18. Anthony Maiani (Sioux City)-1
18. Pat Cannone (Cedar Rapids)-1
18. Mitch Ryan (Waterloo)-1
18. Scott Wietecha (Cedar Rapids)-1
18. Phil DeSimone (Sioux City)-1
18. Sergio Somma (Green Bay)-1


Jamie said...

I dont blame the fans in Green bay monday night for not coming out. After saturday Crap ass performance im suprised we had that many on monday. Getting sweeped by indy, and a very Disappointing season again. Well hopefully something will change in the offseason.(any they can start with firing maz)

Anonymous said...

Oh come on, you need teams like GB to make Indy look good.

Along with Chicago and Ohio