Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tuesday Game Recaps

Tri-City beat Sioux City in the final minutes.

Omaha slipped past Des Moines to avoid the sweep.

Sioux Falls completed the sweep of Lincoln in an offensive showdown.

Waterloo handled Chicago.

Tuesday's Three Stars:
1. Jared Brown (Lincoln) 2 goals and 3 assists in a losing effort.
2. Dan Sexton (Sioux Falls) hat trick to lead Sioux Falls to a win.
3. Stephen Schultz (Lincoln) 5 assists on the night.

Honorable Mention:
Jason Gregoire (Lincoln) hat trick in a losing effort.
Michal Valent (Omaha) stopped 34 shots to lead Omaha to the win.

Overall Standings:
1. Richard Bachman (Cedar Rapids)-6
2. Bryan Hogan (Lincoln)-3
2. Dustin Gazley (Sioux City)-3
2. Jacob Cepis (Cedar Rapids)-3
2. Matt DiGiralamo (Waterloo)-3
2. Jerry Kuhn (Sioux City)-3
2. Drew Fisher (Sioux Falls)-3
2. Matt Lundin (Sioux Falls)-3
2. Rob Madore (Chicago)-3
2. Matt Godlewski (Chicago)-3
2. John Kemp (Indiana)-3
2. Jared Brown (Lincoln)-3
13. Derek Roehl (Ohio)-2
13. Drew Palmisano (Omaha)-2
13. Corson Cramer (Ohio)-2
13. Garrett Roe (Indiana)-2
13. Andy Miele (Chicago)-2
13. Mike Embach (Indiana)-2
13. Dan Sexton (Sioux Falls)-2
20. Anthony Maiani (Sioux City)-1
20. Pat Cannone (Cedar Rapids)-1
20. Mitch Ryan (Waterloo)-1
20. Scott Wietecha (Cedar Rapids)-1
20. Phil DeSimone (Sioux City)-1
20. Sergio Somma (Green Bay)-1
20. Stephen Schultz (Lincoln)-1

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