Saturday, January 27, 2007


Marc on the Junior Hockey Blog first made mention of this article, but since it deals with the USHL I figured I better post it here as well.

Sioux Falls Argus Leader's article titled "USHL becoming a breeding ground for NHL players"

Ohio re-added forward Derek Roehl to their roster. Roehl was previously "traded" to Mahoning Valley to open up a roster spot for Anthony Perdicaro. Ohio recently traded Dan Dries to Cedar Rapids, thus opening up a spot for Roehl.

Sioux City has placed forward Nick Curry on their affiliated list and have added Fargo South defensemen Danny Wurden to the roster. This gives Sioux City a much needed 7th defensemen. Danny is a senior and has recorded 32 points so far this season. He is also a 1989 birthdate.

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Anonymous said...

so what else is new, we've known that for years? Argus-Leader providing us no news again.