Friday, December 30, 2011

Storm Ink Hauge

Storm owner, Kirk Brooks, announced earlier this week that there would be a major press conference Thursday. Many speculated that it would be bad news, possibly about the team packing up and leaving Kearney. Others felt that it might not be that bad, but it could be bad.

The news broke that Kirk Brooks has inked head coach Josh Hauge to a 30 month contract. Hauge has been successful in his previous stops, so Brooks has made him the man in Kearney. Hopefully this can help turn things around in Kearney, as it had been reported that Brooks didn't have former head coach, Drew Schoenek, under contract.

“Contrary to popular belief, I’m not going anywhere,” Brooks said. “Kenny Brooks is going to Penn State. I’ve already been to college. I’ve already been to college for a semester, and then they let me go. So I’m not going with him.

“All the rumors, innuendos, suppositions that the event center or the Tri-City Storm are going somewhere are incorrect. …I’m here today to reconfirm my commitment to Central Nebraska. We’re out to bring a championship to Kearney and the Tri-City area.”

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