Friday, December 30, 2011

Return of Tenders?

Also in the article from the Storm press release, it had mentioned there would be a return of teams being able to sign tenders starting next month. Not sure this is the best idea, but if teams do sign kids to a tender, they lose a 1st round draft pick for the first player and a 2nd round draft pick for the second player. Could be a huge risk for teams if a player doesn't pan out, as the article mentions they are only allowed to tender 96 born players.

A tenders system will return to the USHL next month.

Tenders were used by the league during the Storm’s first years with each team allowed a maximum of five.

This time around, each team will be able to sign two tenders. The first one will result in the loss of a first-round draft pick, the second with the loss of a second-rounder.

Players with 1996 birthdates can start signing tenders starting Jan. 16.

“These are going to be used for elite, elite, elite kids,” Brooks said. “If we can’t find that elite kid that we want to sign and come to Tri-City, we won’t because you lose your first- and second-round draft choices.”

This can lead to some difficult choices.

“There are advantages and disadvantages to tendering,” Brooks said. “You lose a draft pick if you do and you gain a pretty good player. But you’ve got to make sure that’s the player you want.”

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