Sunday, November 9, 2008

USA Captures Gold

Team USA, who lost their opening game, roared back to take the Gold. The US lost their opener to Germany, but went on a roll following that game. The Americans defeated Canada East (twice), Russia, and Canada West on their way to the top.

I feel that Mike Lee was the difference in this tournament for the United States. Joe Howe played in the opener, but took the loss. Lee came in and went 4-0 while giving up just 7 goals.

Mike Cichy led team USA, as well as everyone else, with 10 points in 5 games.

As a team, the US led the tournament in both powerplay percentage and penalty kill percentage.

Congrats to all players, coaches, and everyone else involved. It's always great for the USHL to get some exposure and this is definitely some great exposure.

First Period

05:06 USA 14 Lee Moffie (7 John Moore ) PP
07:09 USA 12 David Gerths (9 Pat Mullane 8 Mike Cichy) PP
12:10 CAN W 24 Rylan Schwartz (10 Matt Grassi 15 Cole Wilson) PP
16:37 USA 8 Mike Cichy (5 Matt Donovan )

03:17 CAN W 22 Travis Statchuk (High Sticking)
05:52 CAN W 10 Matt Grassi (High Sticking)
07:58 USA 6 Seth Helgeson (Cross Checking)
10:17 USA 14 Lee Moffie (Hooking)

Second Period

02:21 USA 2 Max Nicastro (15 Craig Smith 18 Danny Kristo) PP
07:41 USA 20 Josh Birkholz
09:40 USA 11 Josh Balch (5 Matt Donovan )
17:46 USA 18 Danny Kristo (15 Craig Smith 21 Greg Burke) PP

00:41 USA 10 Dave Makowski (Roughing)
00:41 CAN W 6 Dylan Olsen (Elbowing)
01:50 CAN W 4 Andrew MacWilliam (Checking from Behind)
01:50 CAN W 4 Andrew MacWilliam (10-Minute Misconduct)
12:16 CAN W 25 Wade Epp (Cross Checking)
17:14 CAN W 11 Denver Manderson (High Sticking)

Third Period


06:22 USA 19 Rob Vrolyk (Cross Checking)
12:41 CAN W 21 Curtis McKenzie (Slashing)
17:35 USA 17 Nick Larson (Roughing)
17:35 CAN W 25 Wade Epp (Roughing)

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