Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Player Spotlight: Derek Roehl

This is the first installment of this new feature on the blog. I plan on featuring multiple players from each team, in an attempt to allow the fans to know these players a little bit better. Thanks to Derek for taking time to answer some questions.

Name: Derek Roehl
Current Team: Ohio Junior Blue Jackets
Position: Forward
Hometown: Clinton Township, Michigan
Date of Birth: April 20, 1988
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Stats: 22 goals, 11 assists
Previous Team(s): Youngstown Phantoms, Lincoln Stars, Cleveland Barons
College: Western Michigan University (2008)

Ryan: What are your favorite and least favorite arenas (outside of your own) to play in and why?

Derek Roehl: My favorite rink to play at is Lincoln's because the atmosphere is just unreal and very motivating. My least favorite is Chicago. There isn't very much adversity to face.

Ryan: What factors made you choose Western Michigan?

DR: I chose Western Michigan because it was my best offer and the best opportunity for me to pursue a career with hockey. It is also in my home town and I know my dad will be at every game possible.

Ryan: Is there any special reason you were the number you wear?

DR: I decided to wear 21 this year bc its the number my dad wore his last year of juniors before he was offered a full scholarship to the University of Denver.

Ryan: What player would you say you try and model your game around?

DR: I'd say I model my game around Pavel Datysuk.

Ryan: What is the transition like from the NAHL to the USHL?

DR: The transiition is alot different. The NAHL is more of a choppy game-style where the USHL is a finesse style of play. There is alot more skilled players in the USHL.


Anonymous said...

No adversity in Chicago except the team! Those are fighting words...your going down!

Anonymous said...

...just to clarify, the previous comment was just a playful tease from a Steel fan, not an actual threat....hopefully it didn't come off that way! Upcoming games between these two teams should be fun to watch. Go Steel!

Anonymous said...

a full scholarship, not an empty one?

iowaninja said...

players get partial scholarships as well, I know a few players who got 1/4 or 1/2 scholarships their first year and it progressed to a full their senior year.

Anonymous said...

he plays nothing like datsyuk.

Anonymous said...

come on now, he said he models his game around Datsyuk. No one in the USHL plays like Datsyuk. If you ask a junior hockey player who they model their game after, I don't think they're going to say some obscure name from some semi-pro team.

Anonymous said...

Roehl is the shit!
can't wait to see you at WMU next year!

Anonymous said...

hahaha..... dady dady dady

Anonymous said...

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