Monday, March 3, 2008

News and Notes

Bucs announce new owner, arena upgrades.

Events center debate in Sioux Falls.

Olczyk has been a good fit with Black Hawks.

Q & A with Tyler Elbrecht.

Was missing player really missed?

Musketeers' annual face off for charity a huge success.

Waterloo to sport John Deere jerseys.

Trevor Smith named AHL's rookie of the month.

Karl Goehring shines.

Late bloomer finds his niche filling Nashville's nets.

This isn't really USHL related per say, but it's a good read regardless. Thanks to Chris at the Western College Hockey Blog for the link.

The articles document USNTDP's Nick Mattson and his adventure of living away from home for the first time at 15.

I think these articles can help fans understand some of the player's situations a little better and just how hard it is living away from home for the first time.


Anonymous said...

Did you forget there were some games on Sunday?

Anonymous said...

and Friday and Saturday?

Sieveman said...

You can't go to pointstreak and see the results yourself?



Yeti said...

You anonymous whiners are more than welcome to start you own blog, instead of bitching all the damn time.

Anonymous said...

It's a USHL blog and it's interesting to see his 3 stars of the night.

Yes I could go to pointstreak to see the scores.

Yes I could go the the ushl site and read most of these articles.

Yes I could go to each teams local newspaper and read the rest.

Yes I could get all of the information somewhere else.