Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wednesday Game Recap

Cedar Rapids skated by Des Moines.

My Three Stars:
1. Brady Hjelle (CR) - 36 saves for the win.
2. David Boehm (CR) - goal, assist.
3. Rocco Carzo (DM) - scored the Bucs lone goal.


Anonymous said...

What is NEW! The Buc's s__k!

Sieveman said...

Can I buy a vowel?

Anonymous said...

Give the Buc's a brk (buy a vowel to figure that one out). The Buc's played strong against Indiana (leading in standings right now). They only lost by one goal in both games against Indiana this past weekend (and this was in Overtime). All the teams in the USHL are good and anyone can beat anyone on an given night (day). Yes, they are struggling in last place - but they have had many good games (close ones too).

Anonymous said...

How can you give stars without going to the games? I was at this game and there were several players more deserving. Just wondering how you come to your decisions.

Ryan said...

I go off of performance stat wise.