Thursday, January 24, 2008

More on Wausau

An article just came to my inbox, though I had previously been informed of it by Marc Foster. The article states this project has private funding, which could be a good sign.

In just about a year, Rothschild could be home to a $20 million dollar facility that's expected to increase tourism to the Wausau area. And the Village President says the 190,000 square foot expo center would come with many features.

It would include a 4,000 seat ice arena that will also have a convertible floor, an additional smaller ice arena, conference rooms, a full service restaurant, and a state of the art sound system to support big name musical acts.

But Neal Torney, Rothschild Village President, says the investors are working to bring in an expansion team of the USHL (a semi-pro hockey team) similar to the Gamblers in Green Bay.

Preliminary drawings have been presented to the village board, and Torney says everyone is basically in agreement, but they haven't taken any formal action on the plan yet. This project is being funded by private investors. Developers say they hope to break ground sometime in late spring or early fall and construction would be complete in about a year.

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