Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday Morning News and Notes

I am still looking for fans from Indiana, Lincoln, Ohio, Sioux City, Sioux Falls, and Waterloo to submit write-ups for the blog starting this week. The write-up doesn't need to be anything huge, just a quick glance at upcoming matchup(s) and any news that is worth noting would work perfectly. If you're interested, please email me at

Coffey Percolating.

Zatkoff Rises Above.

Stastny to play in NHL All-Star game.

Brighton's Stewart signs with Ohio.

Roe knows where to go.

Clemmensen assigned to AHL.

Lancers' California trio rolling.

Kinsella, McConnell round out USHL All-Star game coaching staffs.

Hepp's buzzer beater beats Storm. (Includes video)

Lancers grab last second win over Storm.

Ice take on Lancers in first place joust.


Mr Ricochet said...

I'm curious about Hastings comment that the California players who played roller hockey have better stick skills than their counterparts who honed their skills on the ice. I've never played roller hockey and wonder if that comment is correct,and if it is how so?

Also that looked to be a helluva a game between Omaha and TC with the Lancers scoring the winning goal as time expired.

Anonymous said...

I think the stick hanling has to do with playing on fairly well maintained indoor ice. I have heard the same comments from Motto McClain (sp) stating that back when kids played outside on the pond, they had better stick handling skills because of ruts, cracks, etc. When I have played roller hockey outside, the puck (or ball) tends bounce or not slide as true as on ice. Thus, maybe the better stick handling.

Wahoo, NE

John Meissner said...

The goal was not scored as time expired. To count, all of the puck has to be completely over the line BEFORE time expires. It's not like basketball, where the shot counts if you release it before time expires. No one I know of heard the horn, or saw the clock, plus exactly where the puck was as the clock ran down towards 0:00.0. The refereee toold Coach Littler that he was certain the puck beat the clock, so, to be exact, the goal was scored just before time expired, not as it expired. Two things get me though: Why did the green light not come on when the clock stopped, whether time expired or the time keeper stopped it? If the automatic light system functions properly, the red light can not come on, if time has expired. And whenever the time keeper stops the clock, the green light is supposed to come on. Maybe the goal did go in before time expired. But, if it didn't, then a green light would have shown and kit would have been easy to disallow the goal. Also, why didn't any of the three officials notice an Omaha player, untouched, in the goal crease, not attempting to get out before the puck entered the crease? That should have negated the goal right there. But, what can you do? Hopefully, the breaks will even out for us eventually. It was, despite the unfortunate finish, a very solid performancve by the Storm.