Sunday, January 20, 2008

Wausau, WI Expansion?

Thanks to Sieveman for finding this article first.

There is a new proposal to build a 4,000 seat arena in Wausau and the USHL is rumored to be interested. This would be an excellent place, as it would give Green Bay a close rival and should be within a reasonable distance to most East teams.

Story here.


Anonymous said...

Cedar Creek is the name of the development. The area is Wausau, Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

Great move for the USHL if this is true.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see another USHL team in Wisconsin, but I have a hard time believing that they could draw 3000 per night for a whole season. That being said, it makes a lot more sense than trying to expand to the east towards Columbus. This is a natural rival for Green Bay and a short trip (by comparison)for Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Don't count out Wausau as a draw. Some of the same folks who have turned the Northern League baseball team into a 3,000 nightly draw are in on this. They've got some staff and marketing contacts in place. It would be a nice rival, as noted.


Scotty O said...

This is a great idea for USHL. Building off of what someone mentioned earlier...The Northwoods League is a great success story in Wausau. They draw great crowds. Granted, that is baseball and it has been in Wausau for decades (single-A ball).
"If you build it....they will come"
Couldn't be farther from the truth. Wausau is a winter haven:
-Biggest downhill ski hill in the region.
-Hosts the Badger State Winter games every year.
-Has a metro population of close to 100,000.
-10 minutes away from Stevens Point (UW), a huge hockey school for D-III NCAA.
-Plenty of hotels and restaurants in the immediate area and shopping mall.
-Crossroads of I-39 & Hwy 29 (which lings Green Bay to the Twin Cities w/ I-94).
-Great high school hockey programs in the city (West, East, Everest, & Point) to draw crowds and players from.
-Wausau also has Greenheck Arena which is connected to DC Everest HS. Olympic-size rink and the future site of Olympic Speed Skating tryouts.

So these are just some reasons why this is a good idea, and great for the league! Give us a chance guys.