Friday, December 28, 2007

News and Notes

First off, I wanted to mention this site. Finish Your is an IHL site, but the owner (Mr. Ricochet) has created a USHL section to chat about the league. It's nice to see there are some Steel fans out there. When you register, it will take a couple of hours to get validated.

Couple of transactions to make note of:
Chicago adds Jak Knelman. Knelman appeared in just 2 games for Colgate.
Tri-City activates Brandon Martell from the IR.
Lincoln activates Tyler Brickler from the IR.
Omaha places Patrick Wiercioch on the IR with a thumb injury.

Tough return to the Island for Blake.

Stampede make list in 2007 in S.D. Sports.

The record-setting David Hale.

Timeout with Eddie Del Grosso.

Family helps Black Hawks' Kessel reach new heights.

Mazzoleni's preseason proclamation may prove prophetic.

Gregoire still out of Lincoln lineup.

Conklin could be the first to two.

Full slate for Lancers after break.

ECHL's Twins - Zancanaro brothers.


Anonymous said...

"Mazzoleni's preseason proclamation may prove prophetic."

That should read Another pathetic coaching job by Maz.

FIRE MAZ NOW!!!! Start the new year off right with a fresh start and someone that knows how to coach!!!!


Mr Ricochet said...

Wow. 17 first year players for GB. Indeed when this team gels they will be a team that will have some time as veterans together. That battle for the 4th spot between the Steel and GB will be a nice race to watch. Although I still won't count Ohio out yet. There are a lot of hockey games left, and the BJ's have been playing better hockey!!

Section A Crazy said...

Mazzeloni is a clown & has got to be an embarassment for the fans in GB. I've said it before, I'm just waiting for him to have a stroke on the bench over some inconsequential offsides call. I'm surprised Kleenex isn't a major sponsor for the Gamblers with him on board.

Anonymous said...

Hes been a clown since hes been here. NO TALENT as a coach. Fans hate him and so do the players. Anyone going to the game on monday night dont forget the paper bag, if they play like they did friday night theres going to be alot more of them.

We need a fresh start FIRE MAZ!!!!!