Sunday, December 30, 2007

Friday Game Recaps

Cedar Rapids doubled up Ohio.

Sioux Falls held off Des Moines.

Indiana defeated Omaha.

Chicago took it to Green Bay.

Waterloo slid by Lincoln.

Sioux City used a shootout to beat Tri-City.

My Three Stars:
1. Mike Seidel (CR) - goal and three assists.
2. Blake Kessel (WAT) - 2 goals and an assist, game winner.
3. Aaron Rock (TC) - 42 saves in a shootout loss.

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Mr Ricochet said...

As I was surfing around and checking scores each time I'd look at the Sioux City vs Tri City game and see no scoring I thought Pointstreak was malfunctioning. But no malfunction, these goalies were dueling it out, playing great hockey. Rock kicking out 42 of 43 and Robinson 29-30 keeping this game deadlocked until the 3rd. A great game to see I'm sure.