Thursday, November 1, 2007

News and Notes

Ice to Present a "Racers Experience" Saturday.

USHL Player Profile: Tim Hall.

SCSU Feature Story: Marty Mjelleli.

Battle In The Blue Paint.

Dan Ellis: CCHA Alumnus of the Week.

INCH Player of the Week: Matt Fornataro.

CSTV Chat log with Chris Butler.

A Future Stampede Star.

Carlisle carves a spot on Huskies' blue line.

Fan Favorite Scott Aims To Cap Stellar Career.

Blood in High Demand.

A nice article on former Lancer, Mike Howe.

LeBlanc enjoying time in the Windy City.


Anonymous said...

I have to just take a moment to recognize Central Scouting at their best!! Tibbett (goalie) was named to the list. What a joke..he ranks 24th out of 25 goalies in the NAHL.....and they think he can be drafted in the NHL!!

Central Scouting needs new glasses!!

Anonymous said...

They are ranking potential. His stats right now don't mean anything.

Anonymous said...

was previously offered to michigan state...they've since taken a pass.

Anonymous said...

ok, des moines lost to tro city twice tonight. oops, somebody f'd up!

Ryan said...

they had to finish the previous game which was suspended due to fog.

Anonymous said...

"ok, des moines lost to tro city twice tonight. oops, somebody f'd up!"

yeah, Des Moines did!!

Anonymous said...

Des Moines has no scoring power this year..none of the "highly touted" players are doing anything. They have only had a handful of even strength goals so far this season. They only seem to be able to score on a power play!

Wow! Another long year for the Buc's...their recruiting is poor!

Anonymous said...

About Tibbett...the ranking is "potential" ..well when is he going to show any??!!!

Central Scouting is a joke. I would be embarrassed to be on the list with those numbers. Too bad Moss (goalie) from North Iowa Outlaws is too old...he should be on the top of the list..he is the #1 goalie in the NAHL and probably better then any goalie in the USHL!

Anonymous said...

Wrong on the Tibbett ranking..he is 24th out of 36 goalies...very impressive :)

Anonymous said...

season is still young for DM, things can turn around....

Anonymous said...

gamblers and the bucs should work some trades out both in the same position

Anonymous said...

"DM can turn things around!?" A true die hard fan...hope you enjoy the long season. Oh and remember the rules are back this year, DM will have to be a top 4 team in their division to move on!