Monday, October 29, 2007

News and Notes

Indiana is the winner of the USHL Logo Tournament. I think it's well deserved, as they have a really nice logo. Look for some new logo polls in the near future.

4 Questions with Chris VandeVelde.

Vanek a superstar in native Austria.

'It Feels Like Just Yesterday' to St. Cloud State's Matt Hartman.

Thanks to Dad, Gagner not wide-eyed rookie. features Jason Gregoire.


Anonymous said...

indiana's logo is so sick! - John Kemp

Anonymous said...

can't believe Sam past on that ride to Badgerland to play in th Ohl. where are the naysayers now? way to go Sam.

Ryan said...

Sam would be in the same position whether he played in the OHL or Pee Wee house league.