Thursday, September 20, 2007

News and Notes

Just a couple quick things here.

The Blog That Yost Built has a feature on former Musketeer, Steven Kampfer.

Gamblers hope returnees can step up play.

Jared Boll is making a name for himself.

Chicago has a new site. Looks like a giant improvement over what they had previously.

Lastly, just some food for thought.

CHL announced their pre-season top 10 rankings for this season. Let's take a look at the list and who appears at #8 out of 60+ CHL teams? Yep, that Rimouski team that needed a shootout to defeat Indiana and the same team that got smoked by Omaha. It probably doesn't mean much, but it's just interesting to see how they are ranked going into this season. Gotta love those comments saying how Rimouski would be one of the worst teams this year.

Oh, and just SEVEN days until the Fall Classic kicks off!


Anonymous said...

And the bargains never end:

$1.00 night on Friday the 21st against Green Bay
Bensenville, IL (September 18, 2007) --

$1.00 coke and diet coke
$1.00 popcorn
$1.00 skate sharpening
Skate with the steel after the game
Free coaches clinic after the game with former Blackhawk Steve Poapst
Youth hockey games set up on the concourse

and yes, it is $1 to get in

Anonymous said...

I'd be pissed if I paid $2.50 for my season ticket.

Anonymous said...

I'd prefer to spend my dollar on this

Much better deal!

Anonymous said...

that should be