Friday, August 24, 2007

News and Notes

Anthoine takes hockey quest west.

Apparently Nick Larson didn't report to Omaha and instead enrolled at the University of Minnesota. Nick will red shirt this season.

INCH features Tri-City's Kyle Lawson.


Anonymous said...

Why would a player want to redshirt? Wouldn't it make more sense to get some playing time in, instead of just practicing with a team? Is it a matter of EGO?

blah blah blah said...

Maybe he was afraid that, if he suited up for Omaha, he'd get traded to Chicago.

Or maybe.... no, I don't know. It must have been one helluva reason to say "I don't think playing in games is going to benefit me. I'll just practice with the team and watch the games this year."

Or can redshirts practice with the team during their redshirt year?

This move makes little sense to me regardless.

Anonymous said...

They can practice with the team.

Maybe he wanted to get to college for the school aspect and was willing to sacrifice playing in games for one year.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he didnt like Hastings.....Its happen before.

Anonymous said...

Try he didn't want to leave his little girl friend in Minneapolis.

Anonymous said...

nick has a back problem and wouldn't have skated in omaha anyway

Anonymous said...

Larson couldn't be away from his girl. Forget his back he'sot other issues. Omaha dodged a bullet w/ him and he's the Gophers problem now.
What's his father going to do when this all goes south on little Nicky-make more excuses. Gophers didn't want him now-wanted him to be a man and go to Omaha- but he doesn't wear the pants in relationship w/ girlfriend

blah blah blah said...

anon 2:59pm -

That's a little harsh. I'm no fan of the Gophers and I know little of the Larsons, but that's just harsh.

Maybe there's more to that relationship than you are willing to understand. Maybe it is an irrational decision, especially since it would only be about a year. But girlfriends and back problems are hardly something worth chastising someone over.

Nick didn't decide on his own to redshirt. Lucia had a part in it and I wondered what the rationale was behind it. It seems like the polar opposite of what Lucia usually does (Go to juniors for a year then come to TC)

Anonymous said...

There is no opposite about it. He couldn't stand to be from hid girlfriend, Lucia didn't want him now, even w/ OBrien leaving so he let him come in but on no $$. He's a freebie.