Friday, August 10, 2007

Just a Few Things

INCH has a feature on Sioux City's Beau Erickson.

Lets Go DU Blog is reporting former Storm player, Geoff Paukovich, will forgo his senior season and sign with the Edmonton Oilers.

Team USA Sweeps International Opponents.

White Scores, Patterson Saves At USA Hockey Camp.

USHL announces the officials who have been promoted.

It looks like Adam Fish, Zac Wiebe, Steve Patafie, and Ryan Sweeney are the refs who were promoted and we likely won't see this coming season. That means we will have Joe Sullivan and Mike McCreary for another season. Yay. It will be interesting to see who the new referees are and how they call games this season. Congrats to those who have been promoted.


Anonymous said...

mccreary and sullivan are awful

section a crazy said...

Isn't McCreary the son of the NHL ref McCreary? Definitely NOT as good as the Fraser/Fraser combo.

I remember when we thought Chimichanga sucked...kinda wish he was still in the league

Yeti said...

Sullivan is beyond horrible. I can't count how many time I cursed his name outloud last season at the Icebox in Lincoln. Wiebe sucked I'm glad to see him gone.

Ryan said...

I thought Wiebe was actually good. He had a few games where I thought he was bad, but every ref will have that..some more than others =)

Anonymous said...

Fish...Fish...Wow. Glad not to see him this year