Friday, August 10, 2007

Commitment news

Just saw Heisenberg updated his D-III recruits page and a couple of names jumped out at me. First, Jon Ralph (Green Bay/Sioux City/Chicago) will be transferring from Bowling Green to University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

Second, is a kid who seemed to go from the top to the bottom. He started with Green Bay and had a scholarship to Wisconsin. His family has a tradition of going there. He then ended up in the BCHL for awhile, then was traded to Waterloo. He then left Waterloo and went to Omaha and had his season ended prematurely with a shoulder injury. Ultimately, it was discovered he wasn't able to get into Wisconsin after all. If you haven't guessed by now, I am referring to none other than Garrett Suter. Suter will be playing collegiately in Wisconsin. It won't be for the University of Wisconsin, rather Wisconsin-Stevens Point.


It appears Pasko Skarica will be playing at UNO this fall. I assume he's going as a walk-on.


Anonymous said...

hopefully Garrett gets his act together...

Anonymous said...

Nick Von Bockern is also a new name for UNO, although looking at their roster and what they have coming back for d-men it seems they needed both players.