Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fargo is Now Official!

You knew it was coming, but it is now officially a done deal.

With Fargo set to join in 2008, I will venture to guess that they will be playing in the West and Des Moines will hop back over to the East. This will probably take place unless there is another expansion/previous franchise that is in the works to join the league with Fargo.

I was told awhile back that Fargo isn't really an "expansion" team. Mr. Brandt sent his franchise fee to the league and that will bypass Gino and company and go to whoever holds the franchise rights for the old St. Louis Heartland Eagles. I believe the only defunct team out there with rights still around is Rochester. (Thanks Marc for that info)


Anonymous said...

Does Thunder Bay exist, or is that Louisville? Somehow I thought STL was Ohio, but I could be wrong about that.

I think Louisville is still supposed to be for 08.

I know the Wausau group is still active, but I doubt they can get an arena built before 08.


Ryan said...

I believe Thunder Bay was Ohio and last I knew, Louisville would come in 2009 if at all.

Anonymous said...

Thunder Bay = Ohio Ryan