Thursday, June 7, 2007

U.S. Junior Camp

USHR has a release naming the 45 players who were invited to the United States Junior Camp to take place in August in Lake Placid, New York. I will be mentioning those with USHL ties.

Kent Patterson - Cedar Rapids


Kyle Okposo - Des Moines
Max Pacioretty - Sioux City
Ben Ryan - Des Moines
Jordan Schroeder - Indiana (futures)
Patrick White - Tri-City

Congrats to those players for being invited and good luck to them.


Anonymous said...

usa hockey is all poloitics, as if this is news. Just to name a few non-invitees; Palusjai, Petrecki, Cohen, Sauers, Petry, etc.... Check how many players from ntdp invited that can't hold these players jocks. Go Canada!

Anonymous said...

this is a joke as always... how much are they paying these guys, or more importantly, how much are these guys getting????

Anonymous said...

James Marcou,Carter camper

Anonymous said...

Petry is not eligible for the 2008 World Juniors, he was born 12-9-1987

Anonymous said...

ryan, any word on why milo left cornell? i saw he is on lincoln's roster now. the cornell officials would not comment.

Anonymous said...

Milo is cancer. Everywhere he goes its TROUBLE11

Ryan said...

Not sure as to why, but he was supposed to be playing baseball there last I knew.

Anonymous said...

do you really thing USAHOckey would ever have cohen to another event after he badmouthed the program?
he will NEVER be involved NEver again.