Wednesday, June 13, 2007

News and Notes

2007 NHL Mock Draft with commentary. It's always fun to see where people think USHL players will go.

An article on Lincoln Stars' defenseman, Colby Cohen.

"When he went to the USHL, it seemed to help him," Holmgren said. "He scored a lot of points."

Cohen had 13 goals and 47 assists in 53 games. But why leave the national team?

"It wasn't a good place for me," Cohen said, adding that the program was too rigid in its defensive philosophy and couldn't improve his offensive game.

"The way I was going to develop for college and the draft, it wasn't going to happen there," he said. "This is a big year for me. I wanted to be as ready as possible for the draft and college hockey. I needed a year of development and I thought I got that in the USHL."

Petry put diamond dreams on ice.

An article on Sioux City Musketeers forward, Max Pacioretty.


Anonymous said...

Yet his defensive game still stinks. As a Stars season ticket holder, I was witness to it all too often. Hopefully the coaches at BU can drill some D into his head.

Anonymous said...

he can't play. but i bet he loved reading about himslef.

Anonymous said...

if Kent Patterson id the best goalie in his year why is he ranked so low on the central scouting final list??? i've seen him play, he is a good goalie but i'd say not even close to the best in the draft.

Anonymous said...

who says he is the best?

Anonymous said...

it says on the mock draft that "he is the best goalie of his year". no way