Thursday, May 24, 2007

So Long Rapid City

Looks like Rapid City has made their choice as to which league they want in town, and the USHL lost out to the CHL.

Civic center board ices USHL, chooses CHL

By Scott Aust, Journal staff

RAPID CITY -- Rapid City plans to welcome a Central Hockey League franchise next year.
On Thursday, the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center board voted to begin negotiating a contract with the CHL instead of the United States Hockey League.

Both leagues had shown an interest in putting a team in Rapid City, and board members said each is high quality. But in the end, the CHL was chosen because its local ownership group is in place while the USHL was still in the process of forming an ownership group.

Brian Maliske, civic center general manager, said contract negotiations will likely begin next month.

Both leagues made presentations to the board last month. The CHL is a 18-team mid-level professional hockey league headquartered in Phoenix. The USHL is a 12-team junior league based in Grand Forks, N.D., that develops players for the college and professional levels.

After reading all the comments on the story, it seems like many are pro-USHL and maybe I'm just biased, but I think that's the way to go as well.

Speaking of expansion, Fargo's USHL Franchise Awaits Signatures.

A side note, here's a nice article about Cedar Rapids first round pick Matt Donovan.


Anonymous said...

Any chance Michigan will ever get a USHL team?

Anonymous said...

The whole state? Or do you have a particular city in mind?