Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sioux Falls Stampede 2007-08 Preview

Sioux Falls is coming off a Clark Cup championship season, and will need a big makeover if they want a chance to repeat.

This is the last of the 2008 previews.

Key Departures:
Corey Tropp-One of the better players in the league.
Ryan Guentzel-Assist machine.
Zach Redmond-Defensive leader.
Dan Sexton-Great penalty killer.
Matt Lundin-Led team to Clark Cup.

Goalie (1):
Max Strang (1989) - Impressive 10-4 record, will be 3rd year guy.

Goalie Evaluation:
Strang should be ready to take the reins of a USHL club now that it will be his third year. He came in and challenged Lundin and helped push him to be better. Expect Hartzell to bring in a capable goalie to compete with Strang.

Defense (1):
Jeff Foss (1988) - Lots of talent, lone returner.

Defense Evaluation:
Sioux Falls will lack leadership and experience on defense come next season with just Foss returning.

Forwards (7):
Jake Hansen (1989) - This kid will be great.
Jake Drewiske (1987) - Doesn't seem to have a lot of offensive upside, but definitely a role player and a leader.
Robbie Vrolyk (1989) - Small, but fast.
Jordy Christian (1988) - Loads of talent, should produce more.
David Grun (1987) - Big kid, started to turn it on towards the end of the year.
Nick Dineen (1989) - Lots of ice time, could go to CC.
Drew Fisher (1987) - Finally broke out and put up points.

Forward Evaluation:
Sioux Falls has some of the better Minnesota High School talents in Hansen, Christian, and Grun. These guys should be atop the team in points. Dineen, if he stays, will also be near the top of the point leader list. Fisher took awhile to get going, but he took off last season and never looked back. Expect a big year from him. Drewiske could wear the C next season.

Futures Evaluation:
I don't know a whole lot about the players on their futures list, but I know that Scott Kishel, Aaron Ness, and Anthony Raiola have loads of talent. Eric Hartzell could step in and challenge Strang for the #1 goalie spot.

Overall Evaluation: C


Anonymous said...

"Nick Dineen (1989) - Lots of ice time, could go to CC."

I figured he was going to CC, but Hartzell already named him as the first captain for next year.

Anonymous said...

Reins (control), not Reigns (rules) on your goalie comment.

Anonymous said...

I thought Drew was 20 years old now and unable to come back to the Herd?

Ryan said...

Fisher is an 87 birthdate, so he still has a year of eligibility left.

Anonymous said...

I doubt Fisher will be back, someone will pick him up before school starts next year. I'd also expect CC to pull Dineen in for next year.

Eric Hartzell is going to atleast split time, if not outright take the starting job. Hartzell used the tandem approach in 05-06, look for him to do that again.

Foss has a long way to go before he shines in the USHL. As the lone returner on D, that makes me nervous. Foss came in and found very quickly that the game was faster and more physical than he was used to with the Spuds.

LASTLY, Sioux Falls will be without captain and lead penelty killer Pat Tiesling. SF posted the #1 kill in the regular season, due largly to his efforts. Not to mention his character and leadership will be sorely missed.

Anonymous said...

I hope the Hansens have a good year, along wit Hartzell and Grun.

Anonymous said...

As you know Fisher did leave to UM. Sexton IS coming back though.

Anonymous said...

Foss is now leaving as well. Going to RPI this fall.