Monday, May 21, 2007

Playoff Format Change

The league has announced a change to the playoff format once again. If you remember, the previous format was every team makes the playoffs, followed by a best of 7 first round series. Then, it was a round robin, and finally, one game for all the marbles, so bring your A game or you're screwed.

The USHL has decided to go back to the top 4 from each division, and best of 5 series. Once again, it will be East vs West in the Clark Cup Finals.

The one thing I did like about the format used in 06-07 was that there would be a possibility of having an East vs East or West vs West battle for Clark.

"They favored returning to the divisional format that we had the last few years over a format where the top eight teams, regardless of division, would make the post-season. Some of that is due to travel considerations, some of it is due to advanced marketing and some is due to rivalries, but the consensus was to move in this direction," Gasparini said.

The 2007-08 USHL regular season will open on Friday, October 5 and will conclude on Saturday, April 5.


Jamie said...

Good the playoff format sucked!!!! I just wish they would cut the season down to 50 games and do a best of seven for the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Having a fourth place team win the Clark Cup like Sioux Falls proved the system was flawed. I also wish we would have best of sevens in the playoffs, best of fives are way too short.