Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lancers Moving?

There had been some mention of this on the UNO fan board, and it seemed far fetched at best. But, I've heard from another source that the Lancers are actively looking to move back into Omaha.

The talk on the UNO board mentioned Tranquility, which is where the Jr. Lancers play, and also where the USHL Lancers hold their tryout camp. They would need to completely re-do that place, but it could eventually work.

I had heard the Lancers have also talked with the Civic about moving there. I can't foresee the Knights being there after next season, so it could be a nice fit for the Lancers. The place has great hockey atmosphere.

Take it for what it's worth, but it seems this is gaining a little more steam as the days go on.


Anonymous said...

The Civic would be a bad place for the Lancers. It probably would cost more to play there and it's most likely going to be torn down in the future.

Anonymous said...

To move to Tranquility would be great on some fronts. The traditional fan base for the Lancers is located in West Omaha, and all of the high school age kids go to Millard North High School in West Omaha. Tranquility would be within 2 or 3 miles of where most of the kids live with house parents.

However, Tranquility would need a major renovation to be able to hold anywhere near 3,000 to 4,000 fans. Right now it probably holds 500, concessions would be horrid, there would not be nearly enough restrooms, and locker room facilities are spartan to say the least. Parking would be a huge problem as there is only one exit in and out of Tranquility.

If they could address all of the problems, it might be a good move. But it could also hurt recruiting players as the MAC is one of the nicest facilities in the USHL.


Anonymous said...

Moving back to Omaha would gain a whole lot more fans back so that would be nice for attendance. They would totally have to revamp Tranqility. I would assume tear it down and completely re-doing it. I do agree that it would be very nice for us out west people and very close to schools, host parents but then you'll get the Council Tucky people all ticked off that they moved back to Omaha and they don't want to drive that far. Hmm, welcome to MOST of the Omaha fans. Their attendance went WAY down when they moved to CB so you make the call as to WHY.

Anonymous said...

The Civic would be great, if only we would have moved there in the first place, but cool heads did not prevail, great barn, perfect, I think if Omaha business could anchor another main renter they might keep it, would get alot of fans back. Around 3 years left on the Mac lease, probably will not happen, as for Tranquility, yea right, you would have to dump about 50 million into that dump, that ladies and gentleman will not happen, good day