Friday, March 9, 2007

Runnin' With The Bull

Joshua Turnbull, that is. Chances are, you've watched him tickle the twine a time or two when he made a visit to your rink. Turnbull is an offensive threat every time he steps on the ice, and his 24 goals can attest to that. After a solid season at Duluth East HS, this Wisconsin native decided it was the right time to make the jump to the USHL. He made the right choice. With his 40 points, Turnbull currently ranks 2nd on the Black Hawks in scoring, behind James Marcou.

If you think it's tough being away from home and living with total strangers, try being in Turnbull's situation. He lives with his coach, PK O'Handley. PK admitted he wasn't the easiest guy to be around after a bad practice or a tough game, so Turnbull becomes good friends with his host mom, Maria, when coach isn't in the best of moods. They also try to keep the Black Hawk talk to a minimum, which is probably for the better. The O'Handley's say it takes a special kid to be able to live with them (others who they housed were Matt Fornataro and Joe Pavelski.) Special he is, indeed. He's a very gifted player and Wisconsin is getting an awesome player. He will follow in the footsteps of Pavelski, when he takes the ice as a Badger next fall.

Like Gregoire, this is the type of player you'd love to build your team around. Turnbull definitely has the talent to excel at the next level and beyond. You'll definitely hear his name called on draft day this summer and one day, he will be in the NHL, representing Waterloo and the USHL.

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