Saturday, March 10, 2007

Friday Evening News

USHL features Michael Montrose and Andy Bathgate.

Michael Montrose is a very talented young man and has college hockey in his future. He is a very mature young man and is keen on making good with his goal of reaching the NCAA. He’s a great player and college hockey can look forward to having him in the future.

Andy Bathgate is another member of the powerhouse Brampton Minor Midgets and is one that brings speed, skill, and outstanding playmaking and vision to the table. When you see him play, he will amaze you with his ability to find the open man, execute on the attack, and make quick passes. He is a creative and special player, and one that college hockey teams should hope to one day have as part of their program. Andy Bathgate is a top Ontario, Canada prospect that has college hockey coaches talking.

USHL also feature the University of Maine.

Waterloo's Kyle Reeds has committed to Dartmouth for 2007.

Indiana's Eric Miller has committed to D-III Adrian College for next fall.

Another article on former Lancer, Paul Stastny.

Former Musketeer, Art Femenella, will finish his college career on the injured list.

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