Monday, March 5, 2007

Hooray, It's Monday

First off, CCHA announced their All-Rookie team, and several former USHLers were named to this list. Kevin Deeth (Green Bay), Ryan Thang (Sioux Falls/Omaha), Eddie Del Grosso (Indiana), and Kyle Lawson (Tri-City). Others who were honorable mention: Jarod Palmer (Tri-City), Nathan Perkovich (Cedar Rapids/Chicago), Marc Bernier (Tri-City), and Kyle Page (Indiana).

Tri-City Storm radio voice, John Meissner, will have Molly McMaster on as a special guest during the March 7th broadcast. Who is Molly McMaster you may ask? She is a colon cancer survivor, just like John, and will be speaking about Colon Cancer Awareness Month.

Green Bay will hold their teddy bear toss this weekend vs Sioux City. Hopefully things go better than they did last season vs Lincoln...

Stanley Cup will be present at the Ohio Jr. Blue Jackets-Des Moines Buccaneers game this weekend. This game will also be Ohio's inaugural "Pack the House" night.

USHL Opens Photo store.

Lebda being groomed for big things.

A fitting honor for Housley in Buffalo.

Paul Stastny a chip off the old block.

Following in their dads' skates. This article features former USHLers Paul Stastny (River City) and John Grahame (Sioux City.)


Anonymous said...

From Ohio's website about the Pack the House night

"The team is also looking to break its own current season attendance record, which stands at 1,947"

1947 was set on Feb 11th and I think the next highest was 1632 set on opening night.

Should be funny to see how many they get or how many free tickets they give away to get that. Because I think Nationwide Arena holds around 17,500.

350 diehard fans, 17,150 people who are there for the free beer.

Anonymous said...

ok, I was off by 1000.. It holds 18,500 for hockey.

Anonymous said...

Pack the house night for OHIO? That is probably the funniest thing I have heard all day.