Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Transactions, Transactions, and More Transactions

Wow, that's the most movement I have ever seen in this league. I'm going to sort it all out here. I had been informed last night that Lawson was going to Lincoln and Brian Keane, Troy Mattila, and Mike Embach were called in to see where they were headed, so I was anxious to find that out.

Let's start.

Edit: I put in the Tibbett trade and also added the adds/drops from previous days to get the full effect of this transaction period. I also gave grades to teams. Also the press release for the Tibbett trade.

Cedar Rapids:
No Moves.

Grade For This Season: N/A
Grade For Next Season: N/A

Traded Dan Lawson to Lincoln.
Traded Brian Keane to Indiana.
Traded Mike Embach to Indiana.
Traded Troy Mattila to Springfield (NAHL).
Acquired Mike Gurtler from Indiana.
Acquired Trevor Nill from Indiana's affiliate list.
Acquired Max Nicastro from Indiana's affiliate list.
Added Dan Otto from futures list.
Added Drew Leblanc from futures list.
Added Richard Manley.

Grade For This Season: D, traded away 3 vets.
Grade For Next Season: B, acquiring young talents such as Manley, Leblanc, Nill, Nicastro.

Des Moines:
Traded Stephen Ritter to Texas (NAHL).
Acquired Jordan Tibbett from Omaha.
Released Gio Capodanno.

Grade For This Season: C, Tibbett will back up Dalton.
Grade For Next Season: C+, Tibbett should be a nice goalie to build around for next season.

Green Bay:
Traded Justin Cseter to Ohio.

Grade For This Season: C, not much doing here.
Grade For Next Season: C, read above.

Traded Mike Gurtler to Chicago.
Traded Mike Hull to Lincoln.
Traded Trevor Nill to Chicago.
Traded Max Nicastro to Chicago.
Acquired Brian Keane from Chicago.
Acquired Mike Embach from Chicago.

Grade For This Season: B+, I love the additions of Keane and Embach.
Grade For Next Season: B-, Hull would have been back for another year.

Traded Kyle O'Kane to Springfield (NAHL).
Acquired Dan Lawson from Chicago.
Acquired Mike Hull from Indiana.
Added Travis Erstad.
Released Dan Comrie.
Released Patrick McAuley.

Grade For This Season: B+, only thing holding them from an A is having to release Comrie.
Grade For Next Season: B, Erstad should be a stud.

Traded Jason Simota to Mahoning Valley (NAHL).
Traded Donnie Hallmark to Sioux City.
Acquired Justin Cseter from Green Bay.
Acquired Alexi Dostoinov from Sioux Falls.
Released Mike Cichy.
Activated Dennis Urban from the IR.
Added Alex Laseen.
Released Anthony Perdicaro.
Released Vinnie Bradley.
Released Itan Chivira.

Grade For This Season: C, good to add a few USHL veterans and get Urban back.
Grade For Next Season: C+, Cseter and Dostoinov will be around another year.

Traded Jordan Tibbett to Des Moines.
Added Justin Johnson.
Placed Brendan Sheehan on futures list.

Grade For This Season: N/A, can't really give a grade as I don't know much about Johnson.
Grade For Next Season: N/A

Sioux City:
Acquired Donnie Hallmark from Ohio.
Released Christian Olsen.

Grade For This Season: C+, Hallmark will bring some much needed physical presence, and that was a hole here.
Grade For Next Season: C+, Hallmark has eligibility left.

Sioux Falls:
Traded Alexei Dostoinov to Ohio.

Grade For This Season: B-, opens the way for Jake Hansen.
Grade For Next Season: B, Jake Hansen is a stud.

Traded Jay Fifield to Sante Fe (NAHL).

Grade For This Season: N/A, not much to grade here.
Grade For Next Season: N/A, read above.

Traded Anthony Schooley to Traverse City (NAHL).
Added John Lee from futures list.

Grade For This Season: C, Schooley hadn't quite adjusted to the pace of the USHL, and shouldn't be missed too much.
Grade For Next Season: C+, Lee is highly regarded and should help the Hawks' blue line next season as well.


Anonymous said...

Fifield played in Tri Citys game last night..I wonder if SF just got another draft pick from Ohio.

Anonymous said...

I see that pointstreak does not have Des Moines trading Ritter on it. Do you know who, or when, they are adding someone in his place

Anonymous said...

According to the Des Moines site, Des Moines acquired Jordan Tibbet from Omaha for future considerations. Also Gio Capadonno was released from Des Moines

Anonymous said...

Kyle O'Kane traded to St Louis or Springfield

gmf1a said...

Are these kids going to high school? Or are they all older?

Just don't see how you can move them around like that. One guy traded to a different (NAHL) league? Some released?

Anonymous said...

What's going on with Cichy? I thought getting set up with Jimmy Hayes for next year would of been good for development(as opposed to the jr bruins).

Anonymous said...

What's going on with Cichy? I thought getting set up with Jimmy Hayes for next year would of been good for development(as opposed to the jr bruins)

The Jr Bruins have a way better team than Jr BJ's.
1) Hayes will never show up in Ohio, maybe the Ushl if traded or back to Prep school.
2) Cichy is going to Halifax-QMJHL.

Anonymous said...

Minnesota recruit Taylor Matson was added to Des Moines roster filling the spot left vacant by the Capodanno release. Matson, I believe is injured right now with a high ankle sprain. He should play the rest of this year with the Bucs, as well as next yr.

Anonymous said...

why did Lincoln drop Comrie?

Anonymous said...


He has to retire because of a head injury.

Anonymous said...

When did Sioux Falls give Matsons rights away? Wasn't he protected by SF?

Ryan said...

he was to start the season, then he was released, so therefore he is fair game.

Anonymous said...

Ryan, gurtler didn't report to Chicago (wonder why), so Indiana had to send a draft pick to Chicago for Embach.

devilsrawesome said...

Cichy to the EJHL is a mystery to me.

I'll wait for the formal announcement by Halifax before saying Cichy signed with the Q.

Justin Johnson, unless I'm thinking of a different Justin Johnson is a forward from Wisconsin that is recieving a lot of DI interest. UW seems to be the frontrunner but UND has also been mentioned. I don't think Johnson will end up with UND. I think UND is trying to get either Erstad from the USHL, Nash from the BCHL, or Toews from Prep School.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm stating the obvious but it certainly appears as though Chicago has thrown in the towel. I wonder how the league and fans will feel about this with the "new Playoff Format". 1st and 2nd place in the will cruise.

Anonymous said...

I'm currious where you get your information that Johnson has Wisconsin as the front runner?