Sunday, February 11, 2007

Some Updates

WCH reports that Sioux Falls' Ryan Guentzel, Chicago's Josh Bemis, and Ohio futures pick Luke Witkowski have made their college choices.

Former Chicago Steel player Troy Mattila has 4 goals in his first 3 games with Springfield. He recorded 4 goals in Chicago in 36 games.

Green Bay added forward Garrett Grimstad. Garrett is currently playing at Rochester Century HS.

An article from the Niagara Gazette.

Another story about the new rumored Fargo franchise.

Denver Post article on Brock Trotter and his adversities. (Thanks to the person who shared this link with me.)

Bulldog Spotlight: Mike Curry

Justin Cseter glad to be out of Green Bay.

Justin Cseter, who was traded by the Gamblers to Ohio on Tuesday for a 2008 draft pick, was able to watch his new team beat his old one from the stands on Friday. That doesn't mean he wasn't feeling for his former teammates.

"It's a real negative vibe in the locker room," Cseter said. "Everyone is down and upset. It's not healthy. As much I say I would like to be here, I'm kind of glad to get out, as well."

Cseter had some parting wisdom for his old friends.

"Teams go through this, without a doubt," he said. "The best thing a team can do to get out of this is to just stay together. Once you start doing things individually, things fall apart from there."


whoopie said...

Odd. A guy saying he's glad to be out of there yet says the best thing they can do is to "stay together."

What a piece of work.

Jamie said...

If you have comments like that from a player there only one thing you can do. FIRE THE COACH!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

HAH! talk to chicago kids about how much they love playing there.

Anonymous said...

Actually he said it was negative - so in one aspect he is glad to be leaving. Remember, these kids have no choice in being traded. Cseter sounded like he wanted to stay and stick together.. coach seemed to think differently. Looking at the trades this past week inthe USHL - there are a too many young kids being tossed around from state to state - with no choice or say from the players.