Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Fargo Article plus New Features

First article from In-Forum Associated Press:

"I understand that there may be a new arena and I understand that there are people in place to make a commitment," Blais said. "I would certainly be interested in listening, especially Fargo.

USHL commissioner Gino Gasparini said it would be premature for him to make any comments about a league franchise in Fargo.

"Where the facility will be located, who the tenants would be, whether or not the USHL is coming or not and who the coach would be that will all be addressed at the news conference," Berning said.

"Whether we become a three-division or four-division league, we don't know," Gasparini said. "We are very cautious about expansion. We are making sure to pick cities that have venues where we think it will be successful."

Blais believes a USHL team would succeed in Fargo.

"With a population base three times that of Grand Forks and Moorhead, a proven hockey community, right there, it would go for sure," Blais said. "I think the community of Fargo is looking for something like that."

This quote comes from a 2nd article, nearly identical as the one above.

“From what I’ve heard from kids hockey groups, it would be one main arena plus four sheets of ice for kids,” said Fargo city commissioner Mike Williams. “The USHL and Blais, that’s all news to me.”
February 22nd is the big day when we find out if the USHL will try Fargo for the 3rd time or not. It will definitely be interesting to see what happens.

The USHL features Nate Schmidt and Daniel Pachis.

"College hockey is where I want to be, the WCHA is close to home, that is what I am shooting for.” When asked about any other teams he has shown interest in, he says, "I like St. Cloud State, the Gophers (Minnesota), North Dakota, and Colorado College.”

Q: Where do you see yourself next year?

A: “I have not decided yet which route to take, the NCAA route or the OHL route. I will take my time and decide at the end of this year.”

Photos courtesy of www.ushl.com

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Anonymous said...

Would the USHL try putting a team up in Canada, as the CHL has 8 teams in the US?

Speaking of eastern expansion, the OHL no longer has a team in Niagara Falls. They already have a facility and fan base.It would also be easy recruiting grounds.