Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Alcohol is Bad

There have been a couple of alcohol-related incidents in college hockey recently, and a few names have gone through the USHL.

First, former Lincoln Star, Robbie Bina, is going to be charged with escaping custody,” a Class B misdemeanor, punishable by a maximum of $1,000 fine or 30 days in jail. Bina was trying to help out star players Jonathan Toews and former Stampede player, T.J. Oshie, after they had been ticketed for being in a bar. This is not the first time Bina has been in trouble with Grand Forks police, as he was arrested for drunk driving last summer. (Side note: you now have to register to view the link above.)

Fellow players Jonathan Toews, 18, and T.J. Oshie, 20, were ticketed along with four other minors for being in the bar. Bina, 24, opened the door of a patrol car where two of them sat and then walked away, according to Grand Forks city prosecutor Kristi Pettit. One of the minors in the car was a fellow hockey player, she said.

The other incident comes from Council Bluffs. What college hockey team is there? Well, there isn't one, but if you want to gamble, you'll make your way over to Council Bluffs to spend a few bucks. Bobby Henderson and Adam Bartholomay, a former Lincoln Star and Topeka Scarecrow, were arrested on suspicion of public intoxication. Both players have been suspended for the remainder of the season by UNO coach Mike Kemp.

When officers confronted Henderson, the report said, he told police, "I am a hockey player. I'll get out of this." Inside the police car, the report said, Henderson began to head butt the cage and yell "I play for the Mavs. You can't (expletive) with me."

Henderson also mentioned he was majoring in criminal justice, but that didn't seem to help his case too much.

Henderson is no longer eligible after this season, so he is done playing college hockey, but Bartholomay has 2 years left. Coach Kemp stated he was uncertain about Adam's future beyond this season.

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