Tuesday, January 2, 2007

League Updates

Ohio acquired rookie defenseman Danny Markowitz from Tri-City for a third round draft selection.

"Danny should help us move the puck up the ice better, with his passing and good skating ability," said Harkins. "With Markowitz and Dennis Urban (Injured Reserve), our skill level on defense is much improved. We are starting to add depth to our team and that creates competition with players fighting for ice time."

Des Moines traded goaltender Bryan Mountain to the Marquette Rangers of the NAHL for goaltender Stephen Ritter.

I'm assuming that this is so Ritter can relieve Matt Dalton from time to time, but I'm not completely sure how much sense this makes. Both goalies are 20, so it's not like Simon can groom one of them for next season to lead the team.

Last May, it was reported that Ritter was expelled from Providence College due to academics. This forced the Friars to bring in Ryan Simpson early and Simpson likely would have been a Buccaneer had Providence not needed the goalie so badly. Matt Dalton could have stayed with Chicago and maybe Chicago would be a whole lot better.

A Tenafly, NJ native, Ritter is a 12/31/86 birth date, so he has a year of junior eligibility left. Look for him in the USHL or EJHL next season. He is likely to do a 4-2-4, meaning that if he successfully took a full load of college courses at a community college, he could transfer somewhere for the ’07-08 season. Ritter’s expulsion has had a ripple effect, as the Monarchs, who had one of the top goalies in junior hockey in Simpson, are suddenly looking for a #1 for the upcoming season.

Tri-City also traded Patrick White to Sante Fe of the NAHL, but I'm going to guess that it's just to open up a roster spot, as previously done with Sean Wiles.

Sioux Falls added affiliate goalie, Eric Hartzell, and he played Monday vs Tri-City. He didn't fare too well, but it didn't sound like the Stampede played very well anyways. I've read that Hartzell was added to the roster because Matt Lundin was suspended by coach Kevin Hartzell.

Following up on Ryan Raven, a Lancers fan mentioned that Hastings added Raven back to the roster because Lincoln was rumored to have wanted his services. The Johnson-Hastings little feud continues.


Anonymous said...

Chicago got Mattilla and Buttery, and an open import spot for Coccimiglio to return in (remember, a 30 point scorer a year ago) for Dalton and a 7th.

In any event, Bachman and Madore were both very highly touted at the start of the year, and are capable (Bachman) and a hell of an athlete (Madore). The Steel have had 2 USHL-caliber starters this year, so I don't know how much having Dalton would help.

Anonymous said...

According to pointsreak Bryan Mountain is only 18 yrs old so maybe that is why they traded him to Marquette.

Ryan said...

it makes more sense for Marquette, but I'm still confused on why DM would want two overagers in the net.

Sieveman said...

I am confused as to why the Buccaneers picked up an 86er for the other goalie. But the Buccaneers needed another goalie, Mountains numbers were not that good and it scared me whenever he was in net. 85.7 save %, 4.74 GAA, 1-2-0.

I don't think Coach Simon is done with roster moves. I would look for at least 1-2 more moves before the USHL roster freeze date (which I think is February 10th). I would look for shake ups both in forwards and defensemen.

Tonight we might get to see the new goalie in net.