Tuesday, January 16, 2007

All-Star Rosters Announced

At first glance, I don't think I predicted too badly, but let's take a look at the all-stars.

Looks like I was more successful with the West, but 8 total wrongs out of 40 isn't too bad.

Also like to give props to Tom for missing just 4 out of 40.

And for those who said that CR wouldn't have 8 all-stars, well, I was predicting an extra 6 players, so my extras had to come from somewhere =)

Alex Kangas-Indiana -- Right
Matt DiGirolamo-Waterloo -- Right

Kevin Wehrs-Cedar Rapids -- Wrong (Honorable Mention)
Mike Phillippi-Indiana -- Right
Vince LoVerde-Waterloo -- Right
Dan Lawson-Chicago -- Right
Derrick LaPoint-Green Bay -- Right
Blake Kessel-Waterloo -- Right

Tommy Wingels-Cedar Rapids -- Right
Josh Turnbull-Waterloo -- Right
Sergio Somma-Green Bay -- Right
Steve Silva-Green Bay -- Wrong (Honorable Mention)
Garrett Roe-Indiana -- Right
Andy Miele-Chicago -- Wrong (Honorable Mention)
James Marcou-Waterloo -- Wrong (Honorable Mention)
John Kemp-Indiana -- Right
Danny Hobbs-Ohio -- Wrong
Jacob Cepis-Cedar Rapids -- Right
Pat Cannone-Cedar Rapids -- Right
Robin Bergman-Cedar Rapids -- Right

Cedar Rapids: 5 (I had 8)
Chicago: 2 (I had 1)
Green Bay: 3 (I had 3)
Indiana: 4 (I had 5)
Ohio: 1 (I had 3)
Waterloo: 5 (I had 6)

East players I predicted to make it that didn't: Kent Patterson, David Boehm, Mike Sislo, Jake Skjodt, Matt Bourdeau, Zac MacVoy, Billy Maday, Craig Smith, Evan Stephens, Scott Wietecha, Chris Reed.

2007 West Division All-Stars

Jerry Kuhn-Sioux City -- Right
Matt Dalton-Des Moines -- Right

Shane Sims-Des Moines -- Wrong (Honorable Mention)
Jeff Petry-Des Moines -- Right
Nick Petrecki-Omaha -- Right
Tristin Llewellyn-Tri-City -- Right
Chad Langlais-Lincoln -- Wrong (Honorable Mention)
Colby Cohen-Lincoln -- Right

Corey Tropp-Sioux Falls -- Right
Steve Schultz-Lincoln -- Right
Ben Ryan-Des Moines -- Right
Calle Ridderwall-Tri-City -- Right
Matt Read-Des Moines -- Right
Rich Purslow-Des Moines -- Right
Aaron Palushaj-Des Moines -- Right
Max Pacioretty-Sioux City -- Right
Jesse Martin-Tri-City -- Right
Dustin Gazley-Sioux City -- Wrong (Honorable Mention)
Phil DeSimone-Sioux City -- Right
Carter Camper-Lincoln -- Right

Wast players I predicted to make it that didn't: Jared Brown, Jack Downing, Mark Olver, Brad Malone, Corey Toy, Adam Comrie, Mike Beck, Zach Hansen, Bryan Hogan.

Des Moines: 7 (I had 6)
Lincoln: 4 (I had 5)
Omaha: 1 (I had 5)
Sioux City: 4 (I had 4)
Sioux Falls: 1 (I had 3)
Tri-City: 3 (I had 3)

Biggest Surprise: Brad Malone not making the roster.


Anonymous said...

Biggest Surprise: Brad Malone not making the roster.


Anonymous said...

Malone has not been to productive a lot of hype.Looks like a few players from Mid term rankings were left off that should tell us something about rankings you ave to play the game

Anonymous said...

I want to congratulate Kevin Wehrs and Jeff Petry, the only 2 players with back to back All-Star appearances. Pretty impressive

Anonymous said...

Add Alex Kangas to that list as well.

Anonymous said...

In the East I really believe that Sislo and Stephens got robbed!

In the West, I think Sioux Falls and Omaha are better teams than to send only 1 player each. No team in the west is 7:1 times better than the above listed sqads. Between Toy and Olver, one should have made it. As far as Sioux Falls, Hansen could have made it and even though a penelty killer would never be an all star, Tiesling is the best in the league at his respective role.

Petry continues to make me wonder.

Anonymous said...

How does Petry continue to make you wonder? 9-10-19 is pretty good. Most agree that he is the best defenseman in the league. Maybe not the best offensive defenseman, but the best overal defensman

WahooLancer said...

Having watched Malone 4 times this year, after each game I have walked away wondering why this guy is as highly touted as projected, other than his name is "Malone" and he is a big kid. He is not paticularly quick or fast, not a gifted stick handler, does not play a real physical game, not a great fighter (IE fight on 1-13-2007 where Jack Downing mopped the ice with him). He does have a strong shot, but he is about the 4th or 5th best player (at best) on Sioux Falls roster. I'd take Tropp or Guentzel or Tiesling before Malone.

On best "D" men in the league. Petry is good, and amoung the best in the league, but not the best in the league. By far, the most skilled offensive "D" man in the league is Colby Cohen of Lincoln. The best NHL prospect in the league is still Nick Petrecki. Big, Physical, good skater, hard shot. Does not score alot for the Lancers, but Hastings did not have him on the PP until lately.


Anonymous said...

Malone is overrated as a prospect and I am not surprised he did not make it. He has done little to be more deserving of a mention than a number of other guys who didn't make the team. Malone has not lived up to they hype.

Anonymous said...

Who is better, Aaron Palushaj or Max Pacioretty?