Monday, January 8, 2007

All-Star Roster Predictions

Remember, these are just MY predictions. Some guys are left off due to the fact that NHL Central Scouting will have a hand in the roster selection, so they will take the chance to look at some of the draft eligible kids. I will be predicting 15 F, 8 D, and 3 G.

East Division
F-Jacob Cepis - Cedar Rapids RoughRiders
F-Robin Bergman - Cedar Rapids RoughRiders
F-Pat Cannone - Cedar Rapids RoughRiders
F-David Boehm - Cedar Rapids RoughRiders
F-Tommy Wingels - Cedar Rapids RoughRiders
F-Sergio Somma - Green Bay Gamblers
F-Mike Sislo - Green Bay Gamblers
F-John Kemp - Indiana Ice
F-Garrett Roe - Indiana Ice
F-Jake Skjodt - Indiana Ice
F-Zac MacVoy - Ohio Jr. Blue Jackets
F-Matt Bourdeau - Ohio Jr. Blue Jackets
F-Josh Turnbull - Waterloo Black Hawks
F-Billy Maday - Waterloo Black Hawks
F-Craig Smith - Waterloo Black Hawks

Forwards on the bubble: Steve Silva-Green Bay, Andy Miele-Chicago, James Marcou-Waterloo, Eric Kattelus-Indiana, Shea Walters-Green Bay

D-Evan Stephens - Cedar Rapids RoughRiders
D-Scott Wietecha - Cedar Rapids RoughRiders
D-Daniel Lawson - Chicago Steel
D-Derrick LaPoint - Green Bay Gamblers
D-Mike Phillippi - Indiana Ice
D-Chris Reed - Ohio Jr. Blue Jackets
D-Vincent LoVerde - Waterloo Black Hawks
D-Blake Kessel - Waterloo Black Hawks

Defensemen on the bubble: Kevin Wehrs-Cedar Rapids, Kurt Davis-Green Bay, Brett Barta-Waterloo

G-Kent Patterson - Cedar Rapids RoughRiders
G-Alex Kangas - Indiana Ice
G-Matt DiGirolamo - Waterloo Black Hawks

Goalies on the bubble: Ryan Rondeau-Waterloo, Rob Madore-Chicago, Adam Avramenko-Green Bay

West Division
F-Aaron Palushaj - Des Moines Buccaneers
F-Matt Read - Des Moines Buccaneers
F-Richard Purslow - Des Moines Buccaneers
F-Ben Ryan - Des Moines Buccaneers
F-Carter Camper - Lincoln Stars
F-Jared Brown - Lincoln Stars
F-Stephen Schultz - Lincoln Stars
F-Jack Downing - Omaha Lancers
F-Mark Olver - Omaha Lancers
F-Phil DeSimone - Sioux City Musketeers
F-Max Pacioretty - Sioux City Musketeers
F-Corey Tropp - Sioux Falls Stampede
F-Brad Malone - Sioux Falls Stampede
F-Calle Ridderwall - Tri-City Storm
F-Jesse Martin - Tri-City Storm

Forwards on the bubble: Dustin Gazley-Sioux City, Blake Martin-Sioux City, Robby Dee-Omaha, Matt Ambroz-Tri-City, Andrew Conboy-Omaha, Patrick Johnson-Lincoln

D-Jeff Petry - Des Moines Buccaneers
D-Colby Cohen - Lincoln Stars
D-Nick Petrecki - Omaha Lancers
D-Corey Toy - Omaha Lancers
D-Adam Comrie - Omaha Lancers
D-Mike Beck - Sioux City Musketeers
D-Zach Hansen - Sioux Falls Stampede
D-Tristin Llewellyn - Tri-City Storm

Defensemen on the bubble: Chad Langlais-Lincoln, Kyle Follmer-Lincoln, Shane Sims-Des Moines, Jake Marto-Omaha, Sam Zabkowicz-Sioux Falls

G-Matt Dalton - Des Moines Buccaneers
G-Bryan Hogan - Lincoln Stars
G-Jerry Kuhn - Sioux City Musketeers

Goalies on the bubble: Ian Keserich-Tri-City, Matt Lundin-Sioux Falls, Drew Palmisano-Omaha

I think the West is totally stacked. Keserich deserves to be an all-star, but so do Kuhn and Dalton. Hogan has been less than stellar lately, but CS will want to see him.

Cedar Rapids RoughRiders: 8
Chicago Steel: 1
Des Moines Buccaneers: 6
Green Bay Gamblers: 3
Indiana Ice: 5
Lincoln Stars: 5
Ohio Jr. Blue Jackets: 3
Omaha Lancers: 5
Sioux City Musketeers: 4
Sioux Falls Stampede: 3
Tri-City Storm: 3
Waterloo Black Hawks: 6

Feel free to comment about who you think should or shouldn't make it.


Anonymous said...

Very insightful, and I respect your effort, as that is a tough thing to do. When do the actual rosters come out?

Ryan said...

I haven't seen a date, but they should be coming out soon, as the game is in a couple of weeks.

Anonymous said...

they will announce the players on the 15th according to doug miller

Anonymous said...

Wehrs will make it ahead of many of the defensemen you listed on the East. That seems like the worst mistake that I see.

Anonymous said...

What about the Solway kid in Sioux Falls who is staring to turn it on?

Anonymous said...

If there was an addition from Sioux Falls I would think it would be Bickel or Fisher. Fisher has some great hands AND size. With the NHL scouts involved in the selection of these teams kids with lots of skill that lack size (Solway)seem to be left off the team.

Anonymous said...

And as for Bickel I'm really suprised there has not been more of a buzz about this kid. I guess that's why NHL teams don't pay me to scout. Everyone was going crazy about Finley when he was here and all he had was size. He's gone on to North Dakota and further proved that he can't play defence. Bickel has even better size and can actually play his position.

Anonymous said...

how could you leave out James Marcou from Waterloo he and Tunball lead the team.Smith has come on a little Maday 9 pts in 15 games and is injured

Anonymous said...

There's a snowball's chance in hell that Cedar Rapids will have 8 boys on the All Star Roster.

Anonymous said...

To the Bickel lover - I have been thinking the same thing. Word on the street is that he has no D1 offers! I can't believe that nobody wants him, he moves the puck well for a large kid - but like you said, maybe thats why I have a desk job and am not a scout. Hopefully he gets something.

As for Malone, he will make the All Star team, and he will be drafted this summer. Its just the way it is. He has fallen far short of expectations, but will continue to be awarded such honors.

I think Nick Dineen has a shot, and Solway.

Anonymous said...

I agree no way 8 Cedar Rapid players and probally not alot of 89 on the rosters

Anonymous said...

Last year Sioux Falls had 7 players but I agree that CR won't have 8.

Anonymous said...

bickel is talking to brown. he had an offer to rpi for this passed fall but declined to shoot for something better this year.

WahooLancer said...

My prediction at the All-Star Teams



Cepis (CR), Cannone (CR), Wingles (CR), Somma (GB), Sislo (GB), Kemp (IN), Roe (IN), Skjodt (IN), MacVoy (OH), Bordeau (OH), Turnbull (WT), Maday (WT), Smith (WT), Marcou (WT), and Miele (CH).


Wehrs (CR), Wietecha (CR), Lawson (CH), LaPoint (GB), Phillipi (IN), Reed (OH), LoVerde (WT), and Kessel (WT).


Kangas (IN), DiGirolimo (WT), and Aramenko (GB).

Guys who should be on East roster;
Waterloo's other goalie.



Palushaj (DM), Purslow (DM), Ryan (DM), Camper (LN), Schultz (LN), Downing (OM), Conboy (OM), DeSimone (SC), Pacioretty (SC), Gazley (SC), Martin (SC), Tropp (SF), Malone (SF), Riderwell (TC), Martin (TC)


Petry (DM), Sims (DM), Cohen (LN), Langlais (LN), Petrecki (OM), Comrie (OM), Hansen (SF), Llwellen (TC)


Kuhn (SC), Hogan (LN), Dalton (DM)

Guys who should be playing for the West:

Miniani (SC), Olver (OM), Beck (SC), Kerserich (TC)

Just my thoughts.


Anonymous said...

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