Friday, December 15, 2006

Adam Comrie Traded

Ohio has done it again. They have traded star defenseman Adam Comrie to the Omaha Lancers. Adam was acquired last night, and is in Omaha's lineup tonight. Comrie is a 1990 born player, and already has a lot of hype surrounding him.

I'm not sure what Omaha gave in return, but it sure better be something good.

Don Harkins seems to be an idiot to me, he needs to keep his young studs and trade away the older guys if he feels he needs to make trades.

Kudos to Hastings for getting these two young studs for next to nothing.


Anonymous said...

Comrie will be in the OHL next year anyway, probaly felt he needed help for the rest of this year.

Anonymous said...

He'll be a Saginaw Spirit-OHL next year.