Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday's News

UMaine would love USHL expansion.

Black Hawks rout Stars, take 2-1 series lead.

Indiana Ice swept by Green Bay Gamblers in 3 games.

Part of Clark Cup finals schedule set.

Getting to Know: Tristan Rostagno.

Making the Transition.

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Anonymous said...

Kevin Hartzell has been let go from Sioux Falls. That is over 1/3 of the coaches in the league let go in one season. This is going to do two things: 1. Keep quality coaches away from the league and 2. Keep players from coming to the league. How many coaches have been fired in the Skip Prince era vs. Gino Gasparini era as the USHL Commisioner? I think it is a direct result of the (poor) health of the league under Prince and the fact that only 2 or 3 teams are profitable and everyone else is losing money.