Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Q & A With Nolan Culver

Today I am getting around to posting a quick Q & A with Youngstown Phantoms rookie forward, Nolan Culver.

Ryan: What was your path like before you making a USHL club?

Nolan Culver: My path before the USHL was playing high school hockey in Ohio for Sylvania Northview. My head coach Mike Jones helped me develop to where I am today.

RW: What helped you decide that the USHL, and Youngstown, was the best choice for you?

NC: The USHL was the right choice for me just because it is the best path to a college scholarship.

RW: What do you think will be the biggest challenge in your first USHL season?

NC: The biggest challenge will probably just getting used to the speed and tempo of all the games, will help me learn to make quicker decisions with the puck which is key.

RW: What are you looking forward to most this season?

NC: I'm looking forward to just developing as a player and getting better as an individual on and off the ice.

RW: I've been told that there are lots of schools looking at you. Does this put any added pressure to perform this season?

NC: It will add some pressure but I just need to play the game and be the hardest working individual on and off the ice.

Thank you to Nolan for taking some time out to answer some questions, and good luck to you this season!

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