Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This year, the league has posted league suspensions on pointstreak and they have also listed the amount of games. I thought I'd gather the numbers and see who has missed the most games due to suspension and which team has had the most players suspended. Only 4 teams have yet to receive a suspension (Cedar Rapids, Indiana, Sioux City, and Tri-City.) Chicago has not had any player suspensions, but head coach, Jon Waibel, had to serve a 1 game suspension. Des Moines and Muskegon lead the league with most games missed due to suspension with 13 and 12, respectively.

I do like that the suspensions are being posted on pointstreak. I do not know if that is all of the suspensions, but it is nice to know the league is stepping in and suspending players when necessary. I know they did in the past, but it wasn't really published anywhere so us, the fans, would sit and wonder if a player would get suspended for his actions we had just witnessed at a game.

Cedar Rapids RoughRiders
No Suspensions

Chicago Steel
Jon Waibel - Head Coach
No player suspensions
Total: 1 game

Des Moines Buccaneers
6 different players suspended
Total: 13 games

Dubuque Fighting Saints
5 different players suspended
Total: 7 games

Fargo Force
Byron Pool - Associate Head Coach
3 different players have been suspended
Total: 5 games

Green Bay Gamblers
1 player has been suspended
Total: 1 game

Indiana Ice
No Suspensions

Lincoln Stars
3 different players have been suspended
Total: 5 Games

Muskegon Lumberjacks
6 different players have been suspended
Total: 12 games

Omaha Lancers
1 player has been suspended
Total: 2 games

Sioux City Musketeers
No Suspensions

Sioux Falls Stampede
2 different players have been suspended
Total: 2 games

Tri-City Storm
No Suspensions

5 different players have been suspended
Total: 5 games

Waterloo Black Hawks
5 different players have been suspended
Total: 8 games

Youngstown Phantoms
3 different players have been suspended
Total: 4 games

Breakdown by player:

Dajon Mingo DM 7 Games
Carter Foguth MUS 4 Games
Andrew Panzarella WAT 3 Games
Lance Fredrickson MUS 3 Games
Dominik Shine LIN 3 Games
Colton Hargrove FAR 2 Games
Garrett Taylor DM 2 Games
Matt Morris DUB 2 Games
Brooks Bertsch DUB 2 Games
David Mead OMA 2 Games
Scott Mayfield YNG 2 Games
Matt Berry MUS 2 Games
Jamie Hill WAT 2 Games
Brent Tate LIN 1 Game
Paul Berrafato MUS 1 Game
Mike Moran MUS 1 Game
J.T. Miller USA 1 Game
Tyler Biggs USA 1 Game
Matt McNeely USA 1 Game
Peter Stoykewych DM 1 Game
Logan Nelson DM 1 Game
Andrew Sinelli DUB 1 Game
Colton Saucerman DUB 1 Game
Patrick Sieloff USA 1 Game
J.D. Peterson DM 1 Game
Brent Darnell SF 1 Game
Dan Weissenhofer FAR 1 Game
Byron Pool FAR 1 Game
Gunnar Hughes WAT 1 Game
Blake Thompson WAT 1 Game
Henrik Samuelsson USA 1 Game
Joseph Lordo SF 1 Game
Aaron Harstad GB 1 Game
Jon Waibel CHI 1 Game
Mike Conderman MUS 1 Game
Doug Clifford DM 1 Game
Garrett Peterson LIN 1 Game
T.J. Schlueter DUB 1 Game
Ian McCoshen WAT 1 Game
Ryan Belonger YNG 1 Game
Ben Paulides YNG 1 Game
Oleg Yevenko FAR 1 Game

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