Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Saturday everyone....

....Here's the latest.

Hesketh 'home' as the visitor tonight.

Lighter Sacchetti feeling better on ice with one game-winner already.

Ferguson leaves Bucs for AHL gig.

Saints hope to build off first win.

Caps for Cancer tonight in Green Bay.

Friday's box scores:

Tonight's games:

Cedar Rapids at Indiana

Green Bay at Youngstown

Team USA at Sioux City

Chicago at Sioux Falls

Dubuque at Waterloo

Muskegon at Fargo

Sunday's game:

Cedar Rapids at Youngstown

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Rachel said...


Is there a place where I can send you an e-mail in regards to an online auction/benefit for the UMD Hockey Equipment Manager with a bunch of great items?


I can be reached at